I couldn't stop from thinking it

I couldn't halt at all

It filled my heart, not leaving a free bit

It lost me my smile, made me as emotionless as a doll

I didn't even care anymore

I didn't even see

It ate away deep into my core

It corroded what was left of me

I said those hateful things to you

I really didn't think

It made me walk when you ensued

It pushed me to the very brink

Had I only stopped and thought

Had I only cared

I had only your love sought

...Had you only shared...

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DeAnna Shaddy's picture

So many of us in the world go through this 'emotion'
every day. I hope things are better? =O) Sometimes it's
hard to let go of hate. So easy to keep and so hard to
lose. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff. =O)