Their Reasons For Murder

Society's Woes

You decided to take me from this world because...

...My mother or father is light skinned.

...My mother or father is dark skinned

...I'm darker than a brown paper bag

...I'm lighter than a sheet of white paper

...I was born a female that many loved

...I was born a male that some adored

...I was born under circustances that inabled me with a disability

...I'm of Asian decent

...I'm of Hispanic decent

...The person I fell in love with isn't the same color as me

...I prefer people of the sme sex

...I enjoy dressing up as a male

...I enjoy dressing up as a female

...My accent calls for me to talk differently

...I was born outside of this country and came here for a better life

...I take the underpaid jobs you won't do

...I drive a better car than you

...I just happened to be sleeping on that street corner

...You took my politeness as advances

...I am one of the only few people who didn't try to decieve you about who I was

...I didn't fit your stereotypical idea of the average American...

I am who I am.

And now the ones that love me must grieve.

Grieve for me.

But I will grieve for you.

Grieve for your ignorance.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is for James Byrd (Jasper, TX), Matthew Shepard (Laramie, WO), and others who died of hate crimes because they were who they were.

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Netta Jack's picture

LOVED THIS PIECE!!! You captured my feeling completely. I wrote one titled 'Hate Is Only In Your Mind'. It is amazing how great minds think alike. LOL

Wonderful piece. Thanks for sharing.

Emberly Lopez's picture

Wow, I loved this one! You put out the right message that no matter who you are are what color you are or your nationality it shouldn't matter because its what is on the inside that counts! Its good to never judge anyone by whats on the outside, very nicely written! Thanks for sharing :)

vjochum's picture

Excellent tribute! And the list could go on and on. This is the line though which I thought says it all: "I am one of the only few people who didn't try to decieve you about who I was..." You wrote an eyeopener! I hope everyone reads this.

Robertpaullocke's picture

thank you for mentioning the disabled. Because I am disabled with cerebral palsey and I know what hate is.

Edwin Robinette's picture

A very touching poem! Sadly, these statements are true! But the best statement of all is "THERE IS NO EXCUSE"!!!! Maybe someday these Bozo's will learn that God made us all equal! But I doubt they will ever learn!

Zawadi X's picture

julienne-- can identify with you, poet. my favorite lines are about the paper bag and the following description as well. they provide the reader with concrete images, and they are more than general descriptions. two major elements detract from the strength of the piece: the repetition of the because before the qualifiers and generalities of the qualifiers themselves. it doesn't take the reader long to see where you going here. that's reason enough to par this poem to the essentials, those details that make the work matter. cutback and scale down till you have that "in your face" stance" in minimal lines. the narrator is clearly espousing something she believes. blunt is fine; it's how you do that is what you want to sharpen. if you like, i'll tell you what i hear. good read. tweak it, experiment. you won't lose the essence so don't fret about polishing the diamond. keep writing. peace, zawadi

hawksquaw99's picture

you have really captured the raw feelings and many of us have felt when hearing news like this.... your talent for putting the real reasons out on the table.... it is wonderful.... although I don't care for the subject matter of this piece...(maybe one day we will no longer to get these messages out in the open) I do think that this was well written..... open and honest.... I loved it.... keep up the great work.... Renee'