Moon Chain


This is not my home

this is not my place

I'm sleeping with my

Enemy --

And I have no trace...


I'll be free


I'll escape…

This misery --

That engulf me and

Ruin my existence --

Not wanting to


I thought

I could never


But yes; I do it; Now without grace.

"Thank you my dear culprits"

Hate is akin to love?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pushed to lunacy..

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I hope you Burn

I hope you Burn

Flames scorch your skin

Envelope again

I'd like to watch

From close Platforms

I feel the heat

Lace up my scars

You're screaming

And scorching

And cooking alive

On all of this pain

I believe I do thrive

How pretty, the dancers

Of flames upon your skin

I think we should do this

Again and again

Author's Notes/Comments: 

deticated to: Bethany

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A Damn Loser

There's a loser behind my back

Who keeps lambasting, who does nothing

His life is as miserable as a broken wall

He has no ambitions, no dreams at all.

He loves social distortion

He wants to be the center of attraction

Undisciplined, maleducated

Unruly and always frustrated.

Foolishly thinks and blabbers

Always ready to give pain to others

What you need is restoration

Special treatment in rehabilitation.

I don't wanna be just like you;

I don't wanna do the things you do;

I don't wanna hear the words you say;

Cause I don't wanna be a damn loser.

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Black Death

weeping heartbeats

There is a hint of uncertainty

In nearly everything I do

As a swift motion

Pushing me off a deck

Of some foreign castle

I know now to trust you

Even though everything is sugar-glazed

The whole world is sugar-glazed

Or cover'd in plastic

An uncertain truth in anything I do

And I’m going to cry some day

But I have to wait for a bittersweet lover

And democratic dictatorship to prove

That we’re all going to fall

Ring around the rosary

Pocket full of posies...

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I Don't Want Too Hate You.

closet boxes 2003

I don't want to look at you

see your regret

I know what you want to say

that you haven't yet.

I don't want to hear you

say that you care

then bitch as you tell me

that i'm never there.

I don't want to cry

for the way that i'm treated

tell me you hate me

say that i'm conceited.

I don't want to hate you

for the things that you say

I don't want too hate you

there's no other way.

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What's Before You.

I really don't hate you

i can't say that i care

you don't even know me

your not being fair.

Your constantly pulling

my nerves one by one

you think that you have me

stuck under your thumb.

I never did hurt you

you just pick on me

who is the person

you think you may see.

Is there something so awful

that drives us apart

'cause I know that a friendship

could just never start.

I really don't hate you

just the way that you act

do you see whats before you

do you know the impact.

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dirt y

all th ladies seemed to love him

but i know hes dirty

ive seen the company he keeps

but people around dont seem to mind

i seen the low things he does

but everyone seems not to care

personality and charisma get you a long way

but deep down you and i know

deep down you know your dirty

and vile

deep down in you coke binges you know your wrong

when your snorting you coke off the floor

that hasnt been swept for days

and cooking you crank on a spoon that hasnt seen clean water in months. shit builds up and you dont seem to care

cause some ones always there to clean up after you

ive turned the blind eye one to many times

ive looked the other way one to many times

ive picked up your shit one to many times

and im sick and tired

of just how dirty you really are.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

arron my roomate craked out cokehead man whore, im tired of your shit and one day i will fuck you up

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Heaven Did it Hurt

Volume One



Heaven did it hurt”



Heaven did it hurt?

Heaven are those tears real?

Heaven why is it so hard for you to feel

and so easy for you to kill


You stood there wanting me to leave

I was stripped of everything but still begged you please

all my love now runs dry

watching as my life passes me by

This is the way it has to be

Death is all I can see

Living it day by day

Living it until I decay

Heaven did it hurt?

Heaven are those tears real?

deep down a part of me wishes you were real

heaven why is it hard for you to feel

and so easy for you to kill


I loved you with all my heart

but you tore me apart

you had a name, but it was still the same

All my love, just turned to pain

Heaven did it hurt

When you destroyed my life?




Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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Dead to the World

Volume One



Dead to the world”



Hurting till the pain runs its course

hurting because you are the source

I can't stop thinking about the past

how everything went by so fast

I miss the way your words would touch my heart

all this pain is tearing me apart




my life is a shame, and I'm to blame

I'm scared to sleep, I'm in to deep

and no where left to run

My hearts an open wound

from all the lies it's consumed

When it's all said and done

you were the one

without you I'm nothing

a corpse rotting away

pathetically thinking about you every day

now back to reality

where you left me just a fatality

unable to love as much

numb to the vary touch

gray is all I see

wishing for something that will never be

and this is me

Dead to the World



Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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