Not My King

He is a creation of my making. 

I carried him protected him within my person until the day of his birth. 

Once here all my childish wants and affairs stopped. 

I can't go out tonight my son comes first. 

Can't sleep all day my son comes first.

If all I had to do was watch him explore the world all day I would be at peace.

He knows how to push the limits, but he doesn't know any better yet so I guide him. 

I couldn't imagine anything being more important. 

Nothing comes before him.

Not a friend or family member no matter how close.

This is now my responsibility to cherish, teach, and defend. 

Anything that would draw away my attention, or ability to provide for him must be cut off. 

I could never write him a rain check. 

I would tear down any wall separating me from him.

Our distance causes me distress. 

Not to discredit anyone else but as for me he is priority number 1. 

It's ok to have a life and fun outside of being his parent but I realize that is only temporary. I could never part with him for any reason.  

Anyone who would have me try isn't worthy of his presence. 

I barter and compromise with no one on his safety or care. 

By this same token I will train my child up on the way that he should go. 

With patience, discipline, and love. 

A model citizen after my grandfather and father. 

Pouring into him the information on how to avoid the mistakes of my past, whilst knowing he must make his own future.

I can't hold his hand forever, and some days I may have to simply witness as he falls. 

It is my job to nurture and build his ability to love.

All the while making sure he has plenty examples of real love.

I am his mother, not his queen. 

He is my prince, not my king. 

One day he will have a woman and family who needs his full attention.

When I am sure he is secure in his decision to work is done. 

I will always love him and guide him when asked, but she will be his new number one.

She will care for him, inform him, and be his help mate for this new stage of life. 

And I will enjoy the fruits of their love from my new position in life. 

He will always be my baby boy, but he is destined for more than my watchful eye. 

My prayers will cover him when he is out of my sight, and likewise when he reunites with his rib. 

Nois Sesbo


The cup was half empty
before we were born
The taste mirrored sour fruit
I collected drops of uncertainty to fill it up
And yet full it never did run
I found you in a sea of faceless books
Drops of laughter filled page after page
of self-loathing
The drug you chose was the remedy
I was deprived
Deep, deep down parts of me
My darkness, dank and distorted
reached for your elusive light
My madness is infectious
you never stood a chance
We tiptoed silently, searching
for a way around the Burden Tree

A path never travelled would have

been better suited

But now I watch and I wait

you moved on with grace

The staccato rhythm of my thoughts

echo across empty walls

I wish I could split in two

But I was a plague and you were a Pachelbel fugue


rhyme with no reason

the devil's interval

a space with no shape in an augmented form


the cup was full

the fruit was sweet

And as always...

My madness stained the blue to red

I only know how to create destruction in my Path

I thank the darkness for the distance

and only hope that you find happiness



Author's Notes/Comments: 

In the event it's not obvious- the title is a play on the word, "obsession." 

Car Keys



There they sit

At the edge of the table

Worn and heavy

Resting in fables


Tales of adventure

Of sweet smelling summer

And self-discovery roads

Planted in autumns comer


Roads connecting

To everything and everyone

That’s touched my life

And left the sun


Of star seeking nights

That stain that back of eyes

Of heart clenching moments

Lost in music, so high


These keys to life

Life’s twisted streets

Bring me back home

To dust my feet











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Life is particular -

It chooses the strong,

Holds them beneath it's wing -

Leaving the weak to struggle.

The strong sit up on their pedestals,

Taunting those souls,

With their heads hung low.

So many beatings in a life time,

And still the weak trudge on.

The strong raise their whips -

Another slash, another shot.

The weak fall lower,

Dragging their bodies through the mud -

Barely holding up their heads.

The waters come -

The tides swallow more pride -

Carrying it to the strong,

Making their immunity stronger.

The weak cry out, and claw at the waves -

They scream, 

Until the water drowns them out,

Pushed to the bottom,

And held down with the weight of their pain.

Suddenly, one hand reaches out of the sand -

Eyes pop open, and a breath is released.

Gripping to the ocean floor,

You see a body rise -

Behind it is another.

Tearing, frantically, at the sandy floor -

An army slowly rises,

Bodies with bruises, scrapes, burns -

Arms, covered in scars -

Legs, with the weight of the world. 

The weak grow strength,

And fight to the surface,

Breaking through the black waters.

Faces -

With battle wounds,

Reach their arms out -

With rage.

The strong in numbers, grow,

But are not of one.

Those born of strength begin to flounder,

As the weak masses grow stronger.

An uproar of pain escapes - 

The weak becoming the strong,

And the strong - the weak.

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Breaking Inside

To see the dark in me was to see the light
To set fire to my head was to cleanse my soul of a husk 
To sell my mind to ascension was a must 
It's how I saw there is no us

There's simply One

I saw Infinity within the eye
The spark of the cosmos is how to see what's right
To do that was to become alive
And the hardest thing i've done my whole life
So far i'm thankful for the warm morning sunshine
I grin knowing one day this shell will die

I miss being able to fly 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

It has been a while, it feels good to write this 

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Letter to the future


To all the future generations, I earnestly apologize

On behalf of all the people who currently colonize

Our planet, for we do not want to compromise

We’d rather die than renounce our consistent rise!


At what price? Don’t worry, the earth will still be round

Only we will have burned every fossil in the ground

Eradicated a few species, but I’m declaring under oath

We’re not willing to give up on our exponential growth!


Exponential growth is our one and only wisdom!

We have even applied it to our monetary system!

And since then, things have been doubling in size

Every once in a while, just like the oil price.


Like the economic output and the world’s population,

The Polluting emissions or the eco devastation

We have concentrated the power of our nation

On keeping up with the pressure of inflation.


Every now and then we face depression or a crash

The extent of the next one is a question of math.

You might call that an irrational bet

We just call it our national debt


The immense expenses paying off the interest rates

Are amongst the highest in the so called „independent states“

Money is loaned into existence, created out of thin air

not by our politicians, but by private banks- yeah!


Banksters, who take advantage of the system

Having money working for them and politicians with them

Applying the media to form our opinion,

Telling us to save money so that they can waste billions!


They’re brilliant! And nobody can restrain them

From mass manipulation, even the state can’t!

They control education through entertainment

And form foreign relations with their payments.


 Insane men determine the impacts that shape us

Throughout our lifes, we are constantly brainwashed!

They’ve blended us to a point where we chase paper

Not real values, just numbers on a statement!



Insaneness. And we expect no changes

We know something’s wrong, but accept the way it is!

Our unsustainability to you may seem brainless

To us sustainability is usually gainless!


Nameless shall not remain those who framed us

The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are already famous

The Warburgs and The Bundys are equally shameless

And all the billionaires on the Bilderberg Group’s names list









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Eating Spooks

Wulfman Adventures

I say rise old spooks

I am ready to defeat more of you

The less hostile I will be in company of other

The feel of leather armour cocooning me

Feels like a cool, whispering breeze against feverish flesh

It tickles, it is chilling

I am ready to swallow the spooks

Only to regain the strength they have stolen

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Searching for things-
I've never seen.
The place that I'm from-
The place that I'm in.
I've never been.
To my loves-
There's a few things you should know.
We come and go.
Here today-
Gone tomorrow.
We're only taking turns.
Cradling this world.
The ways now-
They've always been.
Hold on love,
Soon you'll understand.

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1. The way you quote your favorite shows

2. The way you sing under your breath

3. The way you roll your eyes at me

4. The way you look when you wear your glasses

5. The way you smell

6. The way you think you're always right

7. The way you're right most of the time, even when I don't want to admit it. 

8. The way your eyes scrunch up when you laugh

9. The way you make lists for everything 

10. The shape of your nose

11. The way you argue against me, even when I agree with you

12. The way you don't laugh at any of my jokes

13. The way you say shoes

14. The way you try to hold back your smile when I say something stupid

15. The way you dance

16. The way you make me happy every time I talk to you

17. The way I want to make you happy, whenever you're hurt

18. The way you're the only one I want to talk to…ever

19. The way I can't get you out of my head

20. The way everything I do, reminds me of you. 

21. The way I fall for you more and more each day.