Weightless words fall from their lips,

Though from them heavy falsehood drips.

The harsh untruths writhe and burn,

And sink into your soul, to spurn.

But, your lessons, you never learn.

So more flitting lies will lash and churn.

Though weightless, they burden the mind,

Though weightless, they force and bind.

Weightless to those who offered honeyed words,

They fly freely from them like fluttery birds.

But cease to accept their gilded lies,

Then be their power, your heart, defies.

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Free As Nature's Essence





Give a nod,


Wink a wink,


Worry not,


What others think.



People come,


People go,


Although they wonder,


They'll never know.



Life is a mystery,


And so are we,


Just look around you,


And be free!!!!








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A sonnet for Shannon

a sonnet for Shannon 
You first captured my gaze.
Intriguing, curiosity what I would give?
What I was waiting for with one life to live?
A quick glance to one another, my soul wherein?
My heart follows my gaze herein,
A single second to relive?
Do my feelings misgive?
Your heart I want to win?
No! Break the gaze and question no more.
Free yourself and continue on.
I can't let my guard down again.
My heart I wish for you to restore.
Even though my gaze I have withdrawn.
My love for you will still remain.
Author's Notes/Comments: 

how I met Shannon and what I felt at the time. Confused, shy, curious, engrossed, but careful. She had an air of mystery to her when I first caught a glance of those grey eyes. I wanted to know more about her.

be free




live your best life,


blaze your own trail,


stand your ground,


be your own person,


and not what others think you should be,


life is short,


be free.



10:19 AM 7/11/2013 ©


Say Hello To You

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Your deepest desire is to possess,

And yet you are abundant with love,

However restless the urge, 

It is locked in a cage,

Because of your blindness,

Keeping clipped it's feathered wings,

And wear it's eyes upon your face

Like the tattoos painted on Atayal women,

And feel your way through the darkness

With tentacles extended out through the apex of your heart,

That emerged from the desperation of being forced 

To learn how to thrive off of suffering,

Feelers for intuitive mime and bands of neuronal waste,

Originating through longing,

And surviving off the dreams of the dead.


You are the first one of your kind,

You don't have to crawl on hands and knees

In order to be blessed and hallowed,

Just remove the paint, and wear the feathers 

Of the softest ugliness you can find

In the hollow places of yourself,

And they'll grow to be as beautiful 

Or more beautiful as those you grapple and claw 

Lure and conspire, to possess,

That belong to others,

Because you can only ever

Have what you have,

And what you do not have,

You will never have.




12:47 AM 7/5/2013






Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem about when we think that we need something from someone else, due to being blind about how much we already have. It's a work in life.

Rock Me Free

RoC me gently,

RoC me boldly,

You smoothe me out,

You heart and soul me,

Wave the wonder of your words,

Like flower petals luring hummingbirds.


Rock me tender,

Rock me sweet,

This stardust lands upon my feet,

Tingling toes and inch by inch,

So freely twirling, it's a cinch,

Fly me, fling me, let me soar,

Now and forever, my love,

More, more, more!!!


2013 ©





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Free!!! Inspired by no other than...RoC~~~~~READ



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My Dad's Staring at me


My Dad's Staring at me


My dad is staring at me

but the stares a vacancy

struggling top maintain life force

which is shortly to run it's course

his kidneys working at 5%

body shortly to be heaven sent

every body dies sometime

propelling you toward the next life


he knows it's his time coming

whole family towards him running

even those that are self estranged

appearing in his life again

even the stupid could work out

final respects paid from not so devout


eyes shut but can here every word

and occasionally we get a stir

and some amazing oratory

kicking in his last testimony

booming voice at dead of night

rest on the ward given a fright

Dads so tough, not going yet

not quite ready for heaven sent


final play before our eyes

struggle to the end shouldn’t surprise

fighting his corner to the end

steely determination does not bend

but rusty, corroded in the middle

more difficult to stay in the saddle

of life he's ridden with much resolve

shortly his life to be revolved


turned inside out, change of state

to a world devoid of hate

no pollution, no money to

drive you down, negatively effect you

a life cocooned by perfect live

all created by the divine above


whatever the outcome, I accept his fate

a silver cloud of love not hate

I love him dearly, set him free

the fight is his to fight definitely

the power of love can only go so far

failing organs just lower your bar

he's had a great life anyways

new beginning soon for brighter days

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my fathers fight for life which he is loosing sadly

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If you love someone set them free


If you love someone, set them free


If you love someone, set them free

to alter or change their reality

for some their time comes premature

for others, just no cure

Some suffer damage accidentally

to their amazing physical bodies

disease, illness take lives too

which one's gonna effect you?


Wear and tear takes the rest

new beginnings to behest

change of state, spirit bound

loose those feet on the ground

our bodies not built to last

things pack in, like an old car

hoses corrode, parts seize up

and when they do, your stuffed


yet your body is not your soul

which lives on don't you know

we cannot die for the life of us

which makes us full of amazing luck

everlasting life is a gift for all

doesn't matter if your body falls

and cannot support your spirits life

needs to be strong to cope with strife


loved ones, anyone fighting for life

please look on the bright side

if they have had a good innings

they are the one already winning

so much hunger, suffering on earth

it's a great option having a re-birth

it simply is a change of state

body to spirit; struggle extricate


no more fights, bills, hospital wards

not forgetting any senseless wars

the spiritworld, devoid of suffering

held together with total loving

even better for loving families

hate, anger, arguments all history

the spectre of death; ultimate silver lining

especially when the sun is shining

Author's Notes/Comments: 

about my fathers battle for life, shortly to come to an end

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Courageous is the man who speaks openly
Of his afflictions, his addictions,
Who is under the 'dark night of the soul',
And can corraberate his admissions
Exposed in gratitude, to understand the path
That led him to his personal hell,
And bring meaning to his suffering
In a way that raises his spirit to higher ground.


Through the journey of tracing the scars
Carved upon his soul by his weaknesses,
He procures and acclaims his strength
As the gracious hands of wisdom
Untether the ties that bound his sapience,
And he learns what it means to be free
Whilst donned in the shackles of the flesh
Binding him to an earthly existence.


1:26 AM 5/5/2013 ©

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