self aware

Eyes Wide Shut


When I close my eyes

I hear this sound

Like a lullaby

Faint and distance

Sweet smells of nostalgia


When I close my eyes

I taste these memories

Like how the sun dies

Mournful and Longing

Knowing by faith


When I close my eyes

I feel this calling

Like the sunrise

Spirited and Near

I exhale encumbrances

No Fear








Re-Write the Cause of Pain

Feathers fall like bullets from the sky,

What nonchalant angel breathed such a sorrowful sigh?

A heart kicked across the ground,

Melancholic mood swings,

A grip pessimism has found.


Love pierced on a falling quill,

To write an oath from fresh blood spill,

Amputated tears cut from the pedestal;

There was so much to believe in.

Glass droplets cut through barren tear ducts,

Storms of anger reside within,

What the Self creates is a narrow, misguided vision,

Take time to re-write the cause of pain.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

dismatling my own thoughts, trying to take a positive attitude with me always, not easy, but trying.

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