Is god Blind In One Eye?

Do you cause the good or the bad?
Are you responsible for what makes me happy or sad?
I can't help but look up, tilt my head back,
And wonder if you cause me pain just to keep my life on track.

Now I'm not doubting you're there,

...ok, maybe I am,
But you have to understand,

I just think your methods are a little unfair.
After ten years of looking for redemption,
I guess I haven't done enough to catch your attention.

Or are you blind in the eye that looks above me?
Because I'm not sure if you can see,
But I kinda need a break here,
I need someone to steer me in the clear.

And if you're not willing to hear,
... Then the day I die, god will know fear.

-The Despair

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one was written at another low point. Probably didn't need me to tell you that though.

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God Took My Sister Away

God took my baby sister away,
He took her away too soon.

I was in kindergarten,
five years old at the time.

The day He took my sister away,
was a day I was not around.

I was at kindergarten,
and my mom and baby sister
were at the hospital.

My sister took her last breath
while she was in my mother's arms.

It's hard for me
to believe in God right now.

I keep thinking that
if God existed,
He wouldn't give a baby cancer
that would kill her slowly.

But something puzzles me,
something that happened
the night before.

The night before,
when I was helping out my mom,
out of nowhere,
I knew something.

I knew my baby sister
was going to die.

I told my mom,
but she told me,
"No honey,
the doctors say,
she'll be okay."

The very next day,
when I was in school,
my little baby sister
took her last breath.

Then she was gone.

She died in my mother's arms,
and I never got to say goodbye.

So, yes,
I understand people
believe in God,
even if they have no way
of truely knowing that he exists.

What happened the night before,
is something that is still
very fresh in my mind.

This little thing
is the only thing
that keeps me believeing

that there might
be a God up there.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about my baby sister Jessica who died of cancer. She left me too soon. It's hard for me to believe in a God who would let my baby sister die.

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All praise to Allah,
All thanks to Him,
All glory is His:
Who makes me win;
Each clash, each fight,
And guides me straight,
On the path to Him.

I thank my Lord God,
The Ruler of all worlds,
For the strength He gives,
To defeat every odd,
And devilish fraud.

My one greatest wish,
Is to see Him as He is,
And weep in sheer joy,
For choosing me as His.

Most loving, most kind,
Most forgiving, The Clement,
And the best Protector,
One can ever find.

My faith in Almighty,
My reliance and hope,
And all my courage,
Are but His mercy.

From the time I came,
Into this world,
It is Allah whose Name,
Increased me in fame.

I dwell in full peace,
As I kneel and prostrate,
And relieve my stress,
Aches and agonies.

His angels greet me,
To my right and left,
How then, can anyone,
Ever defeat me?

Why should I fear men,
Or Satan and demons,
Why must I succumb,
To the guile of women?

Can anyone ever beat,
The one helped by God?
So I keep on winning,
And never retreat.

Allah is The Greatest,
The Source of my strength,
And this is the secret,
Which makes me pass the test.

I remain ever grateful,
And totally submissive,
To The Omnipotent One,
Whose equal there's none.

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We are the foundation of the truth,
the memories of old...
The desires of many, cosmic spirits
in an infinite universe...
We are the missing pieces in a
galactic puzzle, where heaven is
only a dream away, and hell on
We are dust, ashes, and grains of
sand, programmed to feel pain, cry,
and hurt...
We learn to love, care, and be
compassionate to mankind...
We are holy lies living for a purpose
unknown, the fear of God is only a
We are galaxies exploding our lust
into supernovas, creating black holes
with the wicked...
We think we're the superior race,
when in reality we are the aliens of
We are the enemies of the big bang,
created by a word...
Killing each other softly with smiles
and hello's....
We are the temptation of carnal sins,
We are the darkness in the light...
We kill for freedom, then freedom
rapes us, and shut us up...
Say what you will, We are all here to
live and die, rich or poor, the middle
class has it worst...
We are the disorder of man made
laws, abuse the rights of the
We are the same, bleed the same...
We are life...
We are death...
We are the days to come...
We are here today, gone tomorrow...
If YOU think you're better than most,
you're fooling yourself....
Believe me...
We are only specs in the bifocals of
the Creator!?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

We are here only once...

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The Outlaw Gangster

Volume Three

The Outlaw Gangster;

Fear the rath of the reaper, The silver tongued viper.
While you're living on borrowed time, peace is your only crime.
What is it you see when you look into the mirror?
What is it you see when death draws near?

The story of the outlaw gangster, is a tale of tragedy.
An epic saga of heroes and villains dueling into history
and the rebel is the victim, forced into perdition.
Abandoning all hope, when suicide becomes the only method to cope
and the hallow man, finds solitude within the wasteland.

Finding all that is wrong with this world,
through the endlessness of empty faces staring back at me
As a coward who would fold, would bind these souls that don't wish to be free.
Walking among the insane, dining with the depraved.
Perhaps you could explain why we should even be saved?

The handsome man is the devil. Guiding you blind and ill.
Every mistake, every bad action could be pinned on him,
In a world of paradise, temptation will always lead to sin.
When we can't even figure out ourselves,
how can we possibly understand god.
In a world of right and wrong, where wrong is right
I simply walk the path of the outlaw.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just finished this piece up, so its still very much a rough draft... I might add this to one of my books later on, as a space filler.

Your thoughts?

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Starlit nights
Are back again
I feel so sad
Yet hide my pain.

Whirlpool swim
Is not at all easy
It's the toughest
Dying to win.

As a child
I admired Tarzan
And then Rustam
At last...Samson.

Then came he
Who wasn't fiction
Or a tale of yore
He was Ali.*

As I grew
I knew that I too
Would be like him:
Muhammad Ali.

He fought fights
He beat the odds
In the ring and outside
He reached new heights.

Then came Jinnah*
Muhammad Ali*
He inspired me
To be an Ali.

Now it is
The first Ali*
The best of them all
He happens to be.

"Lion of God"
And undefeated
A martyr so true
In all history.

Bu Talib's son
The Prophet's* cousin
The warrior who fought
For the Almighty.

Noble and great
And very righteous
Learned and wise
And with a soul -- free.

In Khyber
He proved himself
As the most valiant
And brave soldier.

Caliph Ali
Is unlike others
I used to admire
After The "He".

My role models
Are the last Messenger
Prophet Muhammad
And then Ali.

So I move on
Undeterred and strong
To beat life's odds
Stacked against me.

I am sure
That God's with me
For I love and follow
Muhammad --- Ali.*

No whirlpool
Can ever drown me
And like my heroes
I will cross each sea.

Let night come
Let it hide the lights
Allah's with me
And Muhammad -- Ali.

Like an eagle
I will scale the hills
Till victory embraces
With ethereal glee.

I don't boast
Nor do I brag now
Yet all that I say
Is a certainty.

It's my faith
In Allah and then
The two greatest men
Muhammad -- Ali.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*The great heroes of fiction, Bible and then Islam have been mentioned here. I have mentioned Muhammad Ali the legendary boxer in the first reference.

*In the second reference I cite Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the man who defied all odds, while championing the cause of British-India's downtrodden Muslims and founded Pakistan in August 1947.

*My last and the most important "Ali" of them all is the Caliph Ali -- the fourth Caliph of the early Islamic empire. He was the cousin of Allah's (God Almighty's) last Messenger and Prophet...Muhammad the son of Abdullah (May Allah's blessings and peace be upon him).

I have separated my role models in life and living as MUHAMMAD -- ALI (The Prophet (PBUH) and the Caliph as be clear and precise for all those who will read this poem.

If the readers want to know more about Caliph Ali I would suggest them to read history books on Islam.

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silent friend

In times like these, and in times like those, we are forever lost reliving our woes.
Let light sprinkle down, let it wrap you up and make you warm,
From this moment on, protected from all harm.

We walk with you in the day, we stay by your side at night.
We guide you through the dark, and help you find the light.

We whisper our kisses into your ears, ringing like chimes and you wonder why you don't hear.

Always with you, tip toeing in and out
Can you hear me? Can you see me?

Every time you look me in the mirror...



With the ups and downs
and the ins and outs
you get good and bad
great and terrible.
Treat it all as a wave
roll with it till it crashes
the end result will be what is ment.
Keep your mind clear and free
like the beautiful sand lifting off earth.
Life doesn't end, it shape shifts;
changing with every decision and every stage of life.
Grab every shape and place it in the proper location;
ovals in your eyes, circle on your neck and heart in your chest.
Easy your mind, body and soul with fresh air of everyday.
Smile, laugh, love and live!
Four key points to a great life.
Smile for everyone that can't,
laugh for those that don't see joy,
Love like you have never loved before,
and live for those that no longer do.

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I don’t know what you trying to do, but take cannot work

Take my soul, break my heart, and accuse me of my unworthiness.
I shall not yield to your improper desires, my foot I shall lay down in shaken sands of cracked grounds,

Take my soul, break my spirit, and accuse me of misconduct and false intentions.
I shall not give in, I shall not give up, I shall retain my intentions and keep my peace, to wherever my heart desires,

Take nothing, break nothing, and accuse me of nothing.
I’m a stone made of iron, no rust can form, my body is of stainless steel, my faith is out of this world, and my believe cannot be measured, taken broken, or accuse of being too shallow.

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