Hollow Ground

Hollow Ground

Like the effluent rose, failing to blossom,

I am stranded
With no defence I sit and wait for the inevitable storm that will strip me of all my colour
All my emotion
All my life
Rain cascades like tears down my withering body.
Battered by the elements as i stare at the ground, waiting for it to consume me
I am weak
I had faith once, i used to admire the ocean of blue above
My beauty is still ever present, but it’s invisible to most
I am invisible
The world that we live in is a picture of serenity, but the earth is filled with parasites
Preying on the weak as they make their way to the top
Forgetting all they once were
Staying true to yourself is a dying art
And not everything is how it appears before us
But even though i’m suffering,
I am still a rose
And I am still beautiful

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this for a very special girl who's soul has been turned to dust.
Taken in with the promise of light, then consumed by darkness.

Inside all of us is ourselves

We just need to come out once in a while

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About Roses

Prune, acidify the soil with moth balls, water and wait. Reblooming is magic. It is amazing to me that I was once that dark and predatory insect prone. Self esteem comes from doing a lot of anything with people. Isolation wilts us. Good poem. "...forgetting all they once were..."  :D



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Thank you for the correction.

Thank you for the correction. Much appreciated :) i'm glad you like it 


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Glad to welcome you to the site - allets -