Three symbols delay by the sacrament of oblivion

There the leaves wither down in liony angry

the gaga world then belitttles by the fun of densing weather

which horoscope could predicts the months?

Or tell the tale of the past century

do you know that time when the primate and primitive society slain?

There will no singers,who singer? Or dancer

that dares set the feet on the stage

I,should i ask a question or remain silence like dead clock?

Where the ballistic missile that kills stomach murmurers?

Or belliscose rhetoric that enterprises the degrading pot

why all countries must hold the military defence?

Only reasons i see are those that tormence

and declining the habitants of earth

tell me if i may know why i cannot say what i see

but do you believe there's alternative?

Of course there's table that could enbed the dialogue

so why not the only weapon that ekes out solution to questioning rift

like a customized pennant for princess

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