Through the glass

Non Military

I saw it through the dirty fingerprint on the window
A tree to everyone else but to me it was a thing of beauty and awe and wonder
My mind urged and demanded that I touch it
I could not for it was impossible at 100 MPH
The tree was all consuming in a instant of blurred buildings sheep and cows
It was gone
The urge to touch the tree rub its hard bark against my cheek until I bled was overwhelming
It was for a nanosecond the most important thing in the world to me
Then gone, like my youth
Did the tree really exist?
Yes, because it was really in my mind
As real as any of my dreams
Will I ever touch that tree
Never find it again
Was I never meant to touch it
Maybe I will touch that tree one day
At the same time that my life on this earth will extinguish with the certainty
Of and old man licking his fingers and touching on a candle wick
We all have a journey we want to reach
But will we ever get there?
What can you see through your misty window?

© Tony McNally

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