beautiful life

Beautiful things.

The beautiful noise of drizzling water,

the beautiful white but cold flakes of snow,

the glistening look of water in the sun,

the amazing design of water flow,

slow it down to see how beautiful it can throw.


The change of the leaves in the fall,

the change of the deceased body,

the change of the paper burning in fire,

the interesting design of how water puts out fire,

like the change of fire and smoke burning sweetly.


The movement of the human body,

the movement of plants and trees,

the smooth movement of karate or marsial art,

the movement of water and ice,

the movement of beats, chords, and hymns is amazing.


The sound of animals and there different calls,

the sound of vehicles and their engines,

the sound of kids and their ever so funny falls,

the sound of thunder and it's beautiful lightning,

is amazing but can be at times kinda frightning.


The sweet smell of fresh baked bread or cookies,

the sweet smell of blooming flowers in the spring,

the unsweet smell of those bad rookies,

the very sweet smell of your own very room,

is ever so wonderful that you'll experience soon.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life is beautiful, go and explore it...

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2010-2012 Poems

In a heartbeat,
Do not blink.
Do not over-analyze,
Do not think.
For it can start with a smile,
A helping hand,
A steady gaze,
Or a playful wink.

Once the Universe finds
The link that binds
Your world and mine-
Feel the sign.

Eternal bliss.
Destiny's sweetest kiss.
It's gonna be like this:
You + Me = Aurora Borealis.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

-(c) jerlin 07Nov11

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