Drip Drop

Drip drop as the blood flow out of my wrist onto the floor,
wondering if I should go through the light near the door.
I get closer and closer but something is pulling me back.
Looking at the light wondering what’s truly holding me back.
Peace and beauty is all I see, is this for me?
why can't I enter and be rid of this fright.
Why must I continue to fight?
Standing with blood all around my feet, maybe my choice was not truly a defeat.
I asked for forgiveness and stated, peace is all I seek.
Drip drop the blood puddling at my feet, time stops and my life flashes before my eyes.
I walk into the light, now finding myself waking from what appeared to be a dream.
Now I keep asking myself, what does this dream mean?

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Thats intense I really love

Thats intense I really love writing about death stuff. That was one of the best Ive read. I used the "door" in a lot of my older ones too. Its amazing. I understand exactly how that is. But I kinda have the harder time fighting it. But thats a really awesome poem great job man.

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Thanks , gald you enjoyed it.
yea this poem is from years back think when i was 17 years old. just fixed it up a bit

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drip drop

I am not a dream weaver but I believe in dreams.
you must continue to fight because your journey in
life has not come to an end . God still has things
for you to do. It is not your time to go home yet.
We are each preparing ourselves for our heavenly
home some day. We each strive for perfection every
day. There is peace and beauty in the light, but when
we step into it we are going home, and there is no
turning back. You get closer and closer, but something
keep pulling you back. (it is not your time to enter the
light yet.) I feel God is fine tuning us for our heavenly
home . Better go now. (didn't mean to preach.) oo

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Thanks for the insight

You are a very wise person,
Thank you so much for your kind words. this was an older poem i fix up. i have taken your advice and been working on some, sorry i don't make it on her much and get to your poetry as much as i like but i think you for all your kind post.