What exactly is the Illuminati


For those of you who can’t see,

Let me explain it so ever clearly

Illuminati, is just a conspiracy theory

Like any theory,

Some parts are right


There is a group of rich ass-holes, trying to keep their money tight.

 But do you really think they are omniscient?

There is no way humanity is that proficient or efficient

The point of this theory is to cause fear

Keeping the masses stagnant,

Telling them to stay clear

No matter if you are with it or against it,

You are still spreading a lie

All you are doing, 

Is making the knot harder to untie 

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Paradigms, Triangles, and A Blessing

I see the picture now, the purpose for life, the reasons for death—

I understand why the sun shines during the day, and the moon

glistens at night; their alive like you and me. I realize why we

must go through broken hearts in order to become stronger in



The only thing that can brake our spirits down is ourselves by

      allowing negativity to linger in our mind; however, as a poet my

duty is to walk the fine line between good and evil, the light and

the dark, negativity and positivity in order to express and relay,

but understand that I can easily lose my footage, stumble and fall.

Listening to what others are telling you is best for you or not, is

nonsense! Listen to your heart, it won’t lie, you must listen with

an open mind though—I grew out of wishing upon shooting stars;

my wishes are never granted, maybe once, but I still think it was a

coincidence, and I don’t believe in coincidence, or good or bad luck.


We generate future moments with our actions today. I know that not

only the lonely get played; even the kind hearted are fooled and taken

advantage of. Karma is our personal guilt catching up to us when we

run and hide from what we know we did wrong—

I’ve seen the sunrise with only a ray of light cracking over the horizons

of the Sequoia Mountains; the beauty and serene moment of witnessing

such elegance made a tear drop roll down my cheek. I saw the moon so

close to Earth once I could reach the sky and touch it; coming home

from the coast, the further we drove away from the coast the closer the

moon seemed to be, almost as if the she was following us home; so

yellow, vibrant, and full.

A better perspective of Mother Earth and her wonders throughout the

world I received that night—I just recalled I was a best man once in a

wedding, I’m still questioning, why? But I’m guessing it was for the

couple’s convenience.

I have six best friends, one of them is a female; I adore her, she named

her baby the name I chose, I’m thinking of naming my first child the

same if it’s a baby boy. Became more spiritual after leaving bad religion

to the side; a change that came about after reading the Popol Vuh

(Mayan Bible) my creator is Plum Serpent and Heidi or Hell as you

know it is Xibalba; I been there before through Dante’s Inferno: A


Not every man is created equal; some are born with disabilities and

require special needs and attention, seems unfair. An action creates

reaction, which becomes the reason for change, and not all change

is good! Sometimes the change is worst than before.

I believe I am special, unique, that I hold the key to an uncertain

future being molded with my choices and decisions today. As I was

growing up, I was made fun of, bullied, and harassed. As an adult

the jokes continue, some are hurtful, yet I keep my silence, because

I’ve learned that jokes towards others are said to cover insecurities

about themselves; the people telling jokes, and the constant jokes

said every time you see a certain person…I pity them now!

Happiness is based on our desires, our wants and needs. The level

of sadness is based on the amount of pain retained in our hearts. As

a poet I don’t’ throw sticks and stones; I may break you with my

words of critique. I’ve been to my motherland of soul and spirit,

El Salvador, Central America; I don’t need to travel the world, I hold

the whole world in the palms of my hands—

From experience prayers are faith based, which at times faith has been

manipulated to a promise that can’t be kept. Secrets kept in deceit will

soon shed the light upon the deceivers (two days later) I continue with

this; the paradigms of the outside world I saw are now masquerading

in public orgies without shame.

Mathematically speaking, subtract my birth date 07/20/77 from my

baby’s mother’s birth date 09/24/80 straight down, the answer is

02/04/03, multiply the first two number, then multiply that answer by

third number, your answer is 24, add 12 for the months that passed

before I planted my seed in her womb, equals 36, subtract 3 for the

difference in age between us, your final answer is 33 degrees of

illuminated compatibility; my soul mate written in stars aligned by time

and spaced.

After revising the book ‘The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ I

come to the conclusion that the 8th Habit of Highly Effective People is

writing self-help books like this one, useless! A book can inspire the

spirit, but never a change of heart, unless the thought process is reversed

to positive thinking (this may be the longest poem I’ve written, maybe not.


If destiny willing, January 2014 will be a great year for me as I welcome

my first seed into this world of madness and delusion; Soulcritic-Poet’s

offspring roots-outs; the legacy shall continue; my triangle is complete;

father, mother, and child; my life will be complete! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Paradigms, Triangles, and A Blessing!

my ode entitled 'shopping machine'

belief system

Shopping Machine

Your born and raised as a shopping machine
Shopping with mummy initially
Picking up your shopping habits
From your pushchair lookout
Trying to pick things up to play
To make it a more enjoyable day


Not just your early shopping experience
Everything under your roof to behest
From early age, taught to sit on chairs
Sleep on a bed, all to generate profit
Nothing wrong with comfort in life

But nothing like some basic living

To teach you the value of everything
Also true merit in fasting
Sleeping and eating on the floor
A flexible fit body would ensure
Without an overpriced gym membership

They are truly amazing: squat toilets

Valuable lessons living in the east
You can be fit as a flea: for free
But can you give up cream cakes?
Come on, it’s only for a day
Or have you got a potato crisp fetish?
50% fat, so please stick to lettuce


Try giving up food for a day or two
An overeating body will truly thank you
But really have you ever stopped to think?
If there is more to life than giving
Most of your salary to someone or something
Just to tread water; day to day living


Unless your seriously wealthy already
Climbing capitalism’s ladder; getting heady
Though if you've exploited anyone at all
In your ascent of this dog eat dog world
I can assure you your card is marked
Spiritual graduation coming , no head start


In fact your going to pay the price
For exploiting others in this human life
You w ill go the same way as Steve Jobs
Who was surely killed by God
For being so uncaring and exploiting all
In his factories, to suicide some did fall


Because they weren’t treated fairly at all
God don’t mind capitalism, as long as it’s equitable
But if the thing be akin to dog eat dog
Back either of them, your lot
In this life game of Monopoly
If you have morals, treat people fairly
Then you get treated fairly too
Any other way and your life to loose

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my ode entitled 'energy flows where attention goes

Energy flows where attention goes

A little thing that I’v been told
Energy flows where attention goes
In whatever direction you choose
Your energy is yours to loose

Wherever you may decide to point
Your attention, your energy anoints
This is more than likely your TV
A machine built to steal your energy

Don’t forget your computer or PC
To that you choose to give energy
You may choose another direction
I’m betting based on consumerism

Because this capitalist belief system
All rigged to steal your heaven
Steals your energy at every turn
Tv’s, pc,s, mobile phones: LEARN

All designed to steal your energy
With careful use of sacred geometry
The less energy you give away
The more for you: Brighter days

You need all the energy for yourself
To surf, not wade through this hell
If you don’t see this world as grim
The current system, all the suffering

Google silent weapons for quiet war
Bill Cooper, he knew the score
They have stolen your spirit too
I’m no liar, I speak the truth
Only one person needs your energy
Would be You: Not the Illuminati

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Here Where I Was


Got that futuristic mind set that I'll never out grow ; cuz even if my past made me take steps in the ghetto ; it only made more focused to where I was determined to go ; & as a kid I remember jamming to tupac feeling alive as an embryo ; & now its hysterical how I find this rap game to be childsplay ; I was spittin since I was baby ; so at birth I was on my way ; & I'm not one to count days as they go by ; I jus invision the steps needed until I can fly ; moving on & graduating from my past life ; looking at the world & I can tell we have a diff vibe ; no words exchanged but looking at me you see I'ma alumni ; no not illuminii but given the chance if i was offered then I would deny ; offer woman money power but this soul u never could ever could buy ; cause i'll always remember where I was ; no matter where I'll go ; I'm always here where I was ; never to leave & never forget how I was born ; had my heart on my sleeve but i swear it would never be worn ; i focused on the new me I envisioned I had to become ; & now that im really here i feel the challenge has only begun ; & I'ma see this to the end but i see I could never be done ; continuing with the passion in my heart & starting to get a feel for this burn ; & yea meeting death a couple of times is the only way that chu learn ; so Im pulling against there will even if it gets torn ; while letting my music carry my soul into the lyrics that form ; but no matter where it'll take me & even if I reborn ; my passion will never go cold cause my heart will always stay warm .

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Devil with the Pen


wen i wake up i see sumthin strange thats near ; like an illusive creature i make niqqaz think i invented fear ; so my nerves start to urk with in this body as my bed rumbles upon this earth ; & My skin lies here untouched but my soul is so bruised ; tormented by these demons that i had sent out to u ; cuz with all the conflicted hatred i kept embodied inside ; ur punishment deserves to be heard worldwide : dam jus call me the devil with the pen ; Writing ritual curses with my nails on niqqas who say amen ; Here again with out a heart in this body ; & u would think cause I had no soul that I fucks with illuminati ; I should burn u where u stand ; dnt compare me to that slime ; Yea they had a soul that they carelessly sold for dimes ; yea I had a soul but I happily stabbed mines ; & but to the contrary my path is more benign ; killing niqqas ina row like i gotta Deadline ; & don't worry I keep my promises when I lie ; dnt believe me ? Well then let me jus swear to god as I cry ; how bout now ? Did I conflicted ur mind ; do u understand what I'm saying ; am I as clear as a mime ? Do i gotta eat ur brain to understand if u mind ? I mean I kno I swallowed ur tongue but that's no excuse to be shy ; & well yea ikno I fractured ur spine & may have slit ur throat with this knife ; but dam .. At least have the courtesy to look devil in the eye '

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illuminati Chills ~

Unique Poems

Wen i look in dis mirror I start getting these chills seeing all dis ice on my neck and these Soulless dollar bills // I had to spill in order to make a deal but it was all worth gettin dat record deal // who knew I had to sign just to get signed and at dat moment I didn't sign // I didn't rethink // I ain't even blink // I just cried out ink // and watched it sink right into the paper before I could even blink // I couldn't regret the fact that I couldn't regret // I jus had to forget the fact that I could regret // it was like a threat I build inside my mindset // in order to protect so I wont turn suspect // but at da time I didn't care about the intellects // all I cared about was the money dat was in effect // to get sucked into a dream in order live my dream // a nightmare so scary it isn't as what it seems // evil that appears as good // something so misunderstood // I can't explain wats inside of me // u may just know it as illuminati...


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