Stone Gutter

Muttered words in gutters of stone,
passed along the incline down streams
of melted snow.
With every split across the hardened pipe,
somebody will paraphrase and fail
to communicate.
And as the wind licks at the pavement,
and the skies yield to none;
the words find the sewers.

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“Ring and Ring”, your ring tones go on…
A mobile has become a vehicle with a horn!

We are extremely dependent on mobiles today..
Without a mobile we have lost our way!

News now is on the latest mobile model coming,
Everyone is excited, calculating the mobile value and summing,

Is life gone to the gadget room?
Are we going to take these gadgets to our tomb!

When are we going to live simple?
When are we going to smile free with or without a dimple?

A simple life lived more with nature speaks,
You can face all challenges and reach successful peaks!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Mobile the in thing!

Technology absorbs a lot of our time, there by taking away, the joy of true living!

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Outside Looking In

I love you still,
against my true will.

Please do not be so unkind,
to place around my mouth a bind.

What makes you the majority rules?
That is made for the class A fools.

My soul is not beneath the ground,
Our consciousness was bred by the same round.

Marriage was meant for caring, lovers,
Not to be left and tossed aside, asunder, under your wicked covers.

Someone thinks it is okay to hang up the phone on others,
In their mind places them up higher, oh brother!

No! It means birthright dictates a cruelty streak,
Forgive the insincere, but sometimes, yes, my friend, you reek.

Let us run between the dry, withering trees, calling out thy name,
Marshland of communication, designed by our Lord is not a game.

Do not walk all over me anymore, tired of the sulky shore,
believe it or not, I shall not eat for hunger anymore.

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Yestderday's News

The visions came through,
my ideas for writing poetry.
A year before all the grief,
pain and horrific sorrow.
Spiritualism had knocked at my door,
I was filled with hope, love and joy.
Many centered around the possibility of miracles,
not just being an illusion but a reality.
God started talking to me when my fingers typed,
a unique and special communication between us.
I never questioned why those words came to me,
yet knew great emotion was connected, linking my future.
God was ahead of the game and I was his player,
happy to be a part of the team, trusting in the process.
Although, a stumbling block has happened in regards to healing,
no more talk of miracles until I see it for real.
God says to be patient and to stay very still,
life is in motion and the prophesy is true.
Together we shall mend the loopholes,
fill in the gaps, building a bridge to protect my good.
Quietly, I trust in unforeseen answers to appear,
as always my heart is founded in his omnipotent consciousness.
My faith continues in life, whether I can see his hand in mine,
I hold it out for him to grab waiting like a small child.
Father in heaven knows best, never wavering, is my love,
nothing can take that away, my cup runneth over in gratitude.
For I have been given the greatest gift ever dreamt of, to know God,
filled with joy for finding such a true friend, a part of me, here forever.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my introduction for my book Yesterday's News sold via the internet. i am currently editing it and turning it into two books. The other one will most likely be the title, Outside Looking In. I am making them into e-books. Please wait until completion which i will post because there is errrors I am fixing. Presently Yesterday's News contains 396 poems.

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