I did it again

It's a sin

Father forgive me

For I know what I do

I know what I choose

Time and time again

I choose Me over You


The first man condemned me

The last Man redeemed me

The inner man damns me

The new man reviles “Me”


I give up again

It's all I can do


So take “me” away

And fill me with You

For I know once I am more like You

I'll be the best Me I can be


Tonight I'm forgiving you. Not so you can sleep any easier, I doubt it makes any difference to you. You and your reckless tyrades, your dominationg selfishness, and especially your olympic capacity for denial. I don't why you treated me the way you did but I know that you love me. You did the best you possibly could at loving me. For that I am thankful, for that I am better off than I would've been otherwise. You shaped me into who I am and the good I do for people is an extension of the good you did for me. A young heart is fragile and mine was torn from an early age. But that truama has given me an incredible empathy for everyone on this planet and god dammit that is special. I am not who I "wanted" to be and I have not had the life that I "wanted" to have but I am who I am because of you, and I am happy for that. Thank you, may I carry a piece of you in everything I do.

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Thank You for Forgiving Me

Much relieved I am today,

Must I say,

That I am thankful to you honestly,

For forgiving me.


I know that I crossed the limit,

And like a fool hit,

You with the words so bad,

That stroke you like missiles, so sad!


You are an epitome of grace!

You are Hestia to me, the virgin goddess.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

In Greek mythology, Hestia is the virgin goddess of the hearth, home and chastity.  

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*Untitled 3*

 Febuary.17.2002 8:40pm

 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


There are things people do

When they're not thinking right

If I could only get in touch with you 

I'll look you in your eyes

And say sorry as I hold you tight 

As I wipe the tears away as we cry

And promise I'll never hurt you 

I promise you that this day

And let me assure you 

That's no lie


Please sweetheart

Give me another try

She's the one who tore us apart

With all her lies

Can't you see

You're one with my soul 

Since the start 

I never really wanted to set you free

Or let you go


What I'm trying to say

Is I'm sorry deep down inside

I want you back in my life

I don't want it anyother way 

Remember our saying

Best friends and a day

From the begining to the end


I miss you 

These words I write

They are all true

I want you back in my heart

In my eyes

Back in sight





The dark and the holy,


Atop a shiny devil,


Rise does the heat and inhaled they go racing,


Simple is the act,


The scene always plain,


But with it the ever lurking pain,




I took to the mirror,


A shallow thing,


Lost and found again,










Why does love come to mind?


For I love so greatly,


But why?




The mirror takes guide,


It's light too bright,


It's hand wreathing mine,


And pulled with great force through time,




"This is why."


It speaks and tattles of me,


"These the great torments be."


"A weeping worry to many."




It's cold and bitter glow,


It's sorrowful woes,


A mirror to the mind,




"And these your loves be, roses given up to the wind and plucked carefully."


"Watch them..........................wisp beyond the mountain, pedals red through the valley, and bled Earths bend beyond and beckon."




"Had they a choice? The beauties red? Of love fleeting and endless dread?"


"A mind so weak, a tattered score, strummed and sung in the lowest chord?"


"Why love? A thought from the deepest core, when night consumes and all abhor. A lonley voice on the tips of time, the last rebuke of a dreary kind."




For love I cry,


For those I've hurt,


The unseen tears they didn't deserve,


For love I plead,


Forgive me,




And strike it unto me,


For awoke the great beast cavernously,


And turned the tide,




Of heart sunken ships,


And portholed lungs,


Black the powder bore my mind,




But with last my breath,


And to mirrored imaginations,


To friends,


To love,


And all our sensations,


For lust,


And grief,


And sorrow I'd give,


My life and heart for your happiness,




It's you I love and all I adore,


It's you I'll die happily for,


The strength I find and will I get,


It's all for you...






"And close your eyes...for the heart needs no sight...and listen not... for the ears divide...but feel."


new figs, all is already forgiven

Poem Strings

-saiom shriver-

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The barren tree of fig
God did forgive...
and did gift him
with new figs
God did
the tree fore-give.


For to forgive
is to give first....
to fore-give.


user img


God has already
for all violence decreed acquittal..
for all anger given absolution
for all cruelty granted amnesty...
God has for all lapses
at all times no matter how heinous
already ordained
and resurrection.


Footnote:  "God looks upon sin
as a mother on her baby's first
halting attempts to walk." -Sai Baba-


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By Way Of An Apology.




Do I have writers block?

Lost in a sea of thought!

Which idea to bring to dock.

So many subjects; but which I ought?


For many weeks now I have painted:

Enthralled by technique and result.

Then I remembered and almost fainted!!

I had neglected to write and had come to a halt.


Fellow poets and writers forgive my neglect.

I ponder still: and write this as an apology.

The seeds of thought process I must protect.

Until they are nutured; like my prodigy.


When my ideas and sensations have bloomed.

I shall write and the poetry will flow.

I will not think of my words as doomed.

But as a flowering bouquet full of life's glow.




Author's Notes/Comments: 



Pause for thought or lost for words, which I ponder?

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just poetic




and the words fell onto the page 


just as silently as he aged


a lost memory is regained


when the truth is revealed 


and the rains rain



everything happens in good time


life certainly has it's own way to rhyme


don't you wish you were still young


and could feel the pleasure of the past's rain upon your tongue?



how does it feel 


to live this lie?


knowing you'll carry this


til your final goodbye





8:38 AM 7/6/2013






Dante's Flower

Fill in the spaces where emptiness lay,

And bring meaning to voids born a cold yesterday,

For each child that hungers for answers to why,

The twin towers fell down and brought hell from the sky.

Teach not of the hate that feeds more acts of war,

Just teach all of those things that we should have taught


Teach ‘bout faith and humility, courage and hope,

This surley will help in their struggle to cope,

Teach them patience and how to plant many a seed,

In the hearts left so cold from this dastardly deed,

Try to balance the weight of material lust,

With these virtues long lost now decaying with rust.

As we try to rebuild what remains of this crime,

We will all learn so well how good things take much time,

And the gut-level honesty needed to heal,

May emerge from that pile of rubble and steel,

Through the passion that waves these flags red, white and


We hand down truths to babes much too late to undo,

But with willingness now to teach treasures of old,

They will understand all this confusion and mold

Better ways to live here so that peace will prevail,

With new "guns" of respect war won’t be up "for sale".

Things we hope for our children won’t just be things of


The real treasures of life won’t be buried in ash.



© 2002


Edited 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only love can banish vengeance.

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