Our Good Friend

Our Good Friend

Where have you gone?

Its been so long.

Ever since you’ve left

There has been murder,

and suicide.

There has been theft,

and pottery.

 It has become impossible to trust.

We wear knife vests and shields on our backs

Our good friend, that everyone lacks


Our good friend

When you were here

 Always to stay

 You brought aid,

and comfort.

We shared bread,

 and gave shelter.

We trusted others with our lives

Our backs bare

Our good friend, when you were there


Our good friend we need you back

Forever to stay

You may never return

But an ember of your fire may burn

Or we will freeze without you

There is still hope, we might make do

All in all, that is left to see.


To our good friend, Humanity.

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The Downing of the Elephant(dedicated to literary lion Chinua Achebe)

Oh! I could see the trees chop down their own heads
I wonder what kind of disaster could have fallen upon them
I could hear the chiming of grasses like dying cricket
The perfect silence making by the parrot, indicating something terrible had befallen world


No wonder that heaven declares curfew as no birds dare to fly
An healthy tree that looses its stalks like sickling hen

The mute sea, mouth-shut ocean: a scene of tragic even


Ah! The rustling leaves could not laugh, despite jokes of heavily hovered wind

Now seems the call of your lost, drowned some pages of history
Your fallen, might vanish the part of the truth on earth
What the earth had long buried, might be difficult to dig up


It might turn humorous jokes to a sarcastic reality
What should be overstated could come in antithesis
The higher degree of story could down like fallen climber
Political fantasy could tell like beowulf

Your fall will shake other trees in the forest of LIT


Can we say your death is wicked or generous?
So, when you arrive that world beyond this world
Another realm that will make you a new person
We want to see a realistic new history in our land
 That would cast a silver moon in our sky



An elephant in the literary jungle
A firework that burns lies like fire
A bomb that explodes falses and retain the realities
Black pot that cooks maize extractions to become white paps
A good talk that deplores calculated utterance
Your fall brings a pain that causes insomanic panting in the world of book

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