long distance relationship

One Toe Out the Door

He’s got one toe on the starting tape,

One toe on the bed,

Making love, in that moment, in time,

With the little toe quivering to go.

A race to stay in required time,

Long enough to keep love aflame,

Looking outward and forward

With that lean, of got to go.

I hold the hand, I hold the arm

I turn the charm, I turn the tears

But he’s here, he is here,

Yet he’s there, he is there,

While that foot, and toe, and pinkie, too,


Out the door.

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4000 Miles Away

Your cheekbones speak to the camera,

Your beauty travels the miles,

He says, 4,000 nano light years away

Or so it seems.

So you turn your head to a more flattering light

To capture the shadows

That turn you to a classic.

White against the white, white of the sham.

You love to tilt your head and look up

And know the raise of your brow

Matches the curve of you lid,

And you can stare down the lens

4000 mili seconds of miles away.

Or so it seems.

The airplanes don’t travel fast enough, or at all,

 4000 kilometers away.

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Long Way To Go.

The connection was rough,

Big thoughts every night,

Tear drops every fight.

Is he worth it? Will it work out?

A lot of things running in her mind.

Second thoughts were being considered.


A year has passed and they’re still strong;

Thousand miles connection, is it successful?

One day they will hold each other,

Never wanting to let go.

No one knows what the future holds,

Live for the moment is what he said.

Trust and faith from one another

Can be a big improvement for their future’s sake.



The Space Between


Desolate, void.

Taunting, pleading, screaming 

Desires echo through the




Blind, savage.

Judging, hating, dehumanizing

The believers of equality.




In between.

Trusting, trying, hoping

Surviving all odds through




         Between us.

         Empowering, making the

         Rainbow above us more




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22Nov14 - 3:12am (c)angeljerlin