Satanalia LIII

Seasons In Hell




Season Lucifer

Upon the longest night of The Year, we celebrate in darkness, and all therein, as hellfires burn to warm the flesh into salacious indulgence, yielding to temptation and feasting with delight, the pleasures of the earth lain forth for you, The Devil's Legions, the harvests of The Seasons in Hell, and before Satan's myriad manifestations, reflected in the shadow speculum and projected by the Demon Eye, visions of what was and is to be again, emerge from The Mind's Abyss, & vast subterranean cavernous lairs.

The Season is Lucifer! Lend us Thine Infernalight! 

Upon this High Unholyday, the apex of Satanalia, 'neath a Full Moon & Meteor shower coursing, The Lucifer star glows with infernalight in the Eastern Sky, pointing the way to The Gates which shall be opened! Daemon Brother Krampus has come forth! Within the Void of deepest nocturne, bring forth the sacrifices to blaze on through the night!  


In Nomine Satanas,

Warlock Draconis Blackthorne
Noctuary, The Black Earth
Winter Solstice LIII


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just shortly upon the summit we celebrate the incarnations of Dionysus {Lust}, Mithras {Strength}, & Horus {Wisdom}, collectively regeneration! 

Satanic Unholydays

Seasons In Hell

Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!

Grande Celebrations & High UnHolydays for gatherings and High Sorcery.

  • I. NATIVITY: One's own Nativity celebration. {Rite of Nativity, Infernal Apotheosis} / Also includes days of observation towards notable & de-facto individuals demonstrating Satanic principles throughout history.
  • II. AUTUMN EQUINOX: Harvest Feastevil / Feast of The Beast {Hellemental Mass}
  • III. HELLOWEEN: Harvest Feastevil of The Beast / "Satan's Birthday" / Veneration of The Shadow / Infernal Communion / Necromancy {Hallow Rite}
  • IV. WINTER SOLSTICE: Season Lucifer. Satanalia, Yule Feastevil of Winter Demon KrampuSatan Claus {Hellemental Mass, Homage To Tchort [TSB]}; may range from Krampusnacht - Winter Solstice}
  • V. SPRING EQUINOX: Season Leviathan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VI. AESTASOLSTICE: Season Satan {Hellemental Mass}
  • VII. WALPURGISNACHT: Foundation of The Church of Satan. Forces of Darkness, Daemonic energy increases. {Walpurgisnacht Rite}


  • VIII. FRIDAY THE 13th: Medieval & blasphemous, sacrilegious themes. {L'Air Epais, The Satanic Bible} 13 Dracommendations | On Friday the 13th... | Mind Traps | 
  • IX. FULL, BLACK, BLOOD MOONS: Full moon or lust/love spells, Black moon for Hexes & Death Curses, Blood Moon for all + Infernal Apotheosis.
  • X. SOLAR / LUNAR ECLIPSES: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Particularly potent & psychodramatically stimulating. Potent Shadow energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XI. PLANETARY ALIGNMENTS: All. Infernal Apotheosis. Study particular Grimoire designations for specific daemons, sigilization, & purposes of empowerment & attainment. Potent energy to draw from to increase Magic.
  • XII. PERSONAL: Birthdays for loved ones, Weddings, Baptisms, Funerals {see Dracomeroth, The Satanic Rituals, Scriptures}, Accomplishments, secular holidays for relatives & selfish acquisition.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Seasons In Hell celebrations. Rite references from Dracomeroth unless otherwise noted. Ideally, all celebrations include cake & orgies!

Along Came Santa


A morning mist eves the snow white in my roof,
The chimney swallowed by big belly waist,
Floating red glimmered the skies all night,
Indoors he rest his enchanted beauty,
Gifts to all he left along with his great Love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Merry Christmas All

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Gifts Of Dying

Withered Roses

I'm those little presents tied in bows,
Drifting deep in halt sea,
Those of leaking hearts dwelling broken,
Those souls sinking deeper,
With all the gifts life brought to men.

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Santa's Arrives

Childrens Poetry

Santa's merriment this coming Christmas will be something to behold!

The family's sentiment at this time of year a joy to see.

All ready with their attonement; however,none needed as they'd all been so good.

Santa notices the ammendments on the Christmas lists; left where they lay.

Santa's announcement that he had found the food,

Santa's ammusement with a mouth full of mince pie.

The reindeers ate to fullfillment, the carrotts left , as they too had. had a hard day.

Now to the arrangement of the presents piled high to the sky.

In contentment around the Christmas tree Santa carefully arranges the gifts.

Someone's up already, quickly time to leave and fly.


By Anita Griffiths 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas for 2016, best wishes and regards, Happy Holidays.

How Do I Celebrate Valentine's Day?


Can’t there be a holiday for the lonely people?


People walking around in a daze


Makeup running down their cheeks


Reflecting on the one who slipped through their needy fingers


Or cursing their solitude


Wishing no one would have to share their quiet worthlessness




Instead we pile teddy bears onto shelves like shitty food onto cafeteria trays


We cram chocolate into heart shaped boxes


Packed tightly, claustrophobic


Like the air tight monogamy of a committed relationship


We buy women expensive lingerie


Only to tear it off the minute it’s in front of us


We buy overpriced cards so Hallmark


Can tell our partner how we really feel


And we do it all in the name of love,


Or at least whatever we’re calling the social contract conjoining two people


Who enjoy talking to each other almost as much as fucking


I want a national regrets day


Just some sort of terrible liquor on clearance


And a note pad where everyone can write down their mistakes


Could I finally make my friends jealous as they awe at my expansive scroll?


And what about slutty people?


Where is their holiday? (If we’re not counting Halloween)


Divorced, widowed?


I think they deserve a holiday as well.


Some people have good reason to avoid relationships


Perhaps they had the romance of the century


Until an untimely death or illness


Maybe he turned out to be a cheater


Maybe she turned out to be a he


But alas,


I get on with my point,


Valentine’s Day isn’t the celebration of real love


It’s the annual cornballathon ode to our obsessed, idealistic vision of it


Love is powerful and incredible


But it’s also brutal and gross


It has sharp elbows not found on a cuddly teddy bear


And when you celebrate love


You’re also celebrating jealousy, revenge and despair


It may be too darn starry- eyed for one to suggest we stop pretending love is anything you’d be able buy in a store


But my non- conformist, abominably angst ridden heart is unrelenting in its pursuit


Start enjoying what we really are


Not what the commercials say we should be


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Holy Moly

Another year of misery.
Fruitcake flashbacks and a dead tree.

Candy, Candy, everywhere,
up my nose and in the air.

Green/blue jeans with a French inseam.
Never, in my wildest dreams!

I always pray that it's just a trend,
but 364 and we do it again!

Holy Moses!
We all know this...

is just conspicuous consumption!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Happy Holidays!

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Every day should be like Christmas time

During the Christmas season, people tend to be more nice.
We should be like that every single day and that statement is precise.
Every day of the year should be like Christmas time.
If it was that way, there would be less hate and crime.

It's important to always be good to others.
In the eyes of God, we're all sisters and brothers.
Be kind to your fellow man, that's very important to remember.
I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas on the 25th of December.

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Gingerdead Man: Killmas Carol 2

'Twas the spirit and the season's heart
that bred him – this bread man, left to bake
'til December. But this time, the part
he plays, should he rise before you wake,
will decide which of our souls to take.
This winter, a confectionery
bad boy with gumdrop buttons will stake
his claim and leave a legendary
path of cinnamon Hell in his wake.
Gingerdead Man: Killmas Carol 2 –
coming soon to a theater near you.

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