Unrequited Love

Have I Told You?

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Met a guy who changed my life,

Made me want to let go of spite

Told me to be who I want to be

Helped to set my spirit flying free.

Yes, he meant the world to me.

Have I told you that I love you today?

Don’t know if I’ve said it everyday,

But from now till the end of time,

I’ll tell you I love you

And wish that you were mine.

Plant a rose, get some thorns

Can’t promise love won’t be torn.

Gotta keep going through all scorn

Caus life ain’t a piece of candy corn.

No, I’ll get through it, ripped and worn.

You changed my life,

For good or bad.

Don’t think I’ll ever

Feel this way again.

No, I’ll never

Feel this way again.

You stole my heart, stole my love.

Pure as a crystal, sweet as a dove.

I’ll keep on loving you for all time

And only wish you could be mine.

Have I told you that I love you today?

Don’t know if I’ve said it everyday,

But from now till the end of time,

I’ll tell you I love you

And wish that you were mine.

You were never mine,

You never will be.

Love is all in history.

But I’ll keep on loving you

Keep up my spirit,

Because I know you don’t want to hear it.

Can’t stand love, can’t stand me.

Nor can you forget the history.

Been hurt too many times,

Giving up on these feelings.

Just wanna let you know

I’ll love you always and ever.

Tearing up my heart

Tearing up my soul

All these feelings

I just can’t control.

Love till the end of time,

Love to wish that you were mine.

Have I told you that I love you today?

Don’t know if I’ve said it everyday,

But from now till the end of time,

I’ll tell you I love you

And wish that you were mine.

Have I told you that I love you?

I’ll try and say it everyday,

From now till the end of time,

I’ll tell you I love you

And wish that you were mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

written as lyrics, it was just one of those overdramatized poems about ordinary occurences... in this case, a friend's dilemma, plight, and ecstacy, depending on the day.

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Met A Guy The Other Day

Recent Poems

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Met a guy the other day

And he stole my heart away

Can’t you hear me calling

Can’t you see me falling for you

(come in 40)

Stole my world

My Heart’s unfurled

Tore out my mind

Stole all my reasoning

(come in 53)

Met a guy the other day

And he stole my heart away

I’m falling for you (falling, I’m falling for you)

(come in 1:08)

And he hit me fast and hard

I knew that I was a retard

For falling for you… for you

(come in 1: 22)

Knew I could better than you

But there’s nothing I can do

Cause I love you.

Yes, I love you.

(come in 1:34)

You left me in the dark and dust,

Left me there like metal to rust.

I can’t believe you’re gone now (you’re gone now)

(come in 1:49)

Can’t forget you now that you’re gone

Can’t you hear me calling

Can’t you feel me falling for you

Can’t you see me crawling to you

(come in 2:10)

Crying at your window

Knocking at your door

Wanted to come over

But you said it’s over (it’s over, it’s over)

(come in 2:29)

It’s over, It’s over, It’s over

I’m over you,

At least, that’s what I wanted to do.

Getting Over you

Yes it true,

I’m getting over you

(come in 2:49)

I wish I could get over- you.

But there’s nothing I can do.

Ooooh, ooooohoooh.

Over you, getting over you

(come in 3:14)

I’ve got to get over you.

Realized that we’re through

Getting over you

I’m getting over you

(Come in 3:50)

I met a guy the other day

Author's Notes/Comments: 

also written in lyrical form, just ignore the stuff in parenthesis... I was too lazy to take out the timing when I was trying to record it. It has a tune, I just don't have much else beside that, so hey. We'll see if one day I get it. Written for a guy I met, who... well, you can probably see I fell fast and he used me. Oh well, life goes on!

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Half Moon

Under the half moon, I wait for my love to return, so we are safe and warm.

I sit dutifully, comforted beneath a world full of stars.  I keep my fingers crossed for my to see our stars too.

Under the half moon, I breathe for my love, so across space and time, we are standing side by side.

As a soft breeze blows, brushing against my arm, it is my love's embrace I'm reminded of.

I yearn to gaze in the eyes of my love.  I pray, from my soul, my love do adore. I wish, wherever my love may be, there's a string pulling a heart closer to me.

My love will bring jo.  I will give peace.  Each will be everlasting.

From the top of my head to the tips of my toes, under the half moon, I grow patience for my love to arrive carrying the moon's other side.

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about a boy.

i'll never understand what she means to you.

you and i both know she never cared.

it kills me to see you giving your heart

to her...

and then having to watch her break it

in her hands.

why do you even waste your time?

countless times i've seen you

cry over countless girls.

and countless times i've been right there..

right in front of you.

practically screaming.

but i can't scream anymore.

and i've said it so many times

until im blueinthefuckingface.

(god i would make you so happy...)

it kills me to know that i have no chance

in hell with you.

and there's so many stupid reasons why

this will never work.

so many stupid reasons why

i can't ever be yours

and you can't ever be mine.

and my heart fucking hurts because

i love you

so much.

and all i can do

is sit here

and listen to you tell me

about her.

and if i have to hear one more story

about what you did with her last night,

i'll stick a knife in my chest.

because that has to be better

than what i'm feeling right now.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

yea, it's about you.

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Love Is Poison

Love Is Posion.

Always leading me into its trap.

Taking me away from my goals.

But now i've got the upper hand.

I'll abstain for this love.

A hatred I cannot explain.

I will keep myself from getting hurt.

So no one can tempt me again.

You can't hurt me with your lies.

The way you tell me you love me and break me apart.

I will not fall again.

These wings are torn and broken.

But I will rebuild them.

Once I learn how to shut my heart off.

Stop this massive beating and bleeding.

A plug to stop my thoughts from running around.

I will kill this feeling.

Bury where it belongs.


From here.

From me.

From this insanity that I feel inside my head.

Forever to remain secluded.


For eternity.

I'm fine.

She types as the tears stream down her face.

But I won't let you know how i hurt.

Like a thousand knifes blazing into my heart.

An open wound with salt on it.

Continuosly stinging like acid.



Why didn't I defend what I wanted?

He makes me happy, and I let him walk away.

This love is unrequited.

Torn and Shattered.

I'm giving this up.

I will never stop loving him, but I can hide it.

I can mask this pain.

In hopes that no one will notice.

My tears on my pillow at night.

So soft and salty.

Crying for a piece of me just ripped out of my body.

Oh yeah, that was my heart.

Complete feeling gone.

I'm saddened by his lack of confidence.

But maybe it was never love.






I hate you...

No, no I don't.

I love you, and this is why I hate you.

Because I can't make this pain stop.

Wishes and dreams mean nothing to me.

I promised myself.

I promised myself I wouldn't even fall in love again.

And at first it seemed to work...

But now..

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'I'm fine..' she types, while the tears stream down her face, 'I'm fine.'

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Dying of Love

Since we met there hasn't been

a second that you haven't been on my mind.

I hate it and I don't even know

anything about you

all I know is your name.

but for me, that's enough to say

I'm in love with you.

my heart beats in agony because

all I want is to be with you

every second of every day..

but I can't even find the courage

to talk to you,

let alone tell you how I feel.

I'm scared because I've never felt

this way before, and it's killing me;

I'm dying of love.

but I'm too shy and you're too good for me...

or maybe you feel the same?

I'll never know until I ask...

but I'm not asking.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i was obsessed with somebody.

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Behind the scenes

I love how your lips feel

when they're kissing mine.

your hair flows like silk

between my fingers

as I'm holding you close.

this feels like a dream...

(I've never loved anybody this much.)

my heart skips a beat

when you tell me you love me.

I stare deep into your eyes...

how could somebody be so beautiful?

I'm snapped back to reality

as the director yells, "CUT!"

and you bolt out of my arms.

my face is being powdered,

and I hear you yelling something about a latte`...

my heart hurts,

and it's not hard for me

to play the part of someone who loves you.

but that's just it.... I'm an actor.

I will never hold you,

I will never kiss you,

I will never tell you I love you...

unless we're in front of a camera.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we are just silver screen lovers... this isn't real.

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She smiles as she sees him

walking closer...and closer.

she envisions his arms around her,

his lips lightly grazing her earlobe

as he [gently] whispers in her ear.

this fantasy is over in an instant

as he walks past her and into

the open arms of his girlfriend.

pretty and blonde, with

movie-star-white teeth and

porn-star-shapely breasts...

"she's everything I can't be,"

the girl says to herself.

she mopes into the cafeteria

to eat her lunch alone.

she watches him as

silently... slowly...

a tear falls down her cheek.

"he's everything i wish i could have."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

not one of my strongest, but i like it.

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2005 Poetry

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Breasts as perfect as can be,

cause desires deep within.

A woman tempting as she stands,

contemplating her limits for me.

Wearing her collar of trust,

to show she belongs enslaved.

Not to me but her own lust,

and drippings from her soul.

This woman has my love,

my heart, my mind,

forever and beyond.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my 300th post

New Horizions Award

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Poetic Constellations Award

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