you again

You are the source of all my feelings in the world.

you make me feel the  best

and the worst that i possibly can

something dirty gots you dear

makes me want to be with you

somethings painfuls with you dear

makes me want to be with you

i know  every one sees  how  beutiful that you are

and i now  like a paricite you feed off that attention.

thats  not the  part im inlove with.

im in love with the part of you that  says  proufound things

im in love with the  free spirit that  speaks her mind

unfortunantly i feel like i dont get to see any of those sides

im left a lone  on hte  side and  alone

i want things to work

but i dont think you do

i will always  love you

no matter  how painful it is to me.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the first love of my life...
and she doesnt  even know  i still love her

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