Laro ng Pag-ibig (In Tagalog/Filipino Language)







Laro Ng Pag-ibig




Ang damdamin ay hindi laruan

Sapagkat ito'y nasasaktan.

Kung bawat isa'y sinaktan

Sarili pati'y pinagmalupitan.



Tayo nama'y hindi bato

Sapagkat ipinanganak tayo!

At kung mundo'y gawa sa bato

Marahil wala na ring tao!



Sinu-sino pa ang titira

Sa batong mundong ginawa nila

Kung laro ng pag-ibig pala

Ay pagka-manhid ang bunga?








Author's Notes/Comments: 

Reedited 07.11.2019  (As an additional comment, spacing was edited due to not being as well-presented as now, due to its initial transfer, possibly from another platform, & or due to cutting and pasting beforehand; some grammatical/semantical error corrections were made, too, for clarification purposes in this particular author's notes, but not on the poem itself, e.g., some older poems that stretch ahead up to the oldest ones might have still contain "--", "---" etc. versus the newer ones where "—" was being used instead. 


One of two of the very last poems, "Summer---the Sun's Promise" being one, plus the other one (both were sent via a traditional snail mail method to its recipient, i.e., specially for that very same girl who is the principal subject in most of my love poems—that particular stretch of time alone).

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