Unrequited Love

Passing Time

Your heart striken arrow

Pierced my love for you

My blood is spilling down

Your huckle buckle shoes

You lift not up my head

Or wiped away my tears

Picking me off the floor

Just to add on more years

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Nothing to You

I have been broken before

If anyone cares

Everyone can see my heart in the wears and tears

It was hard to get it to the man I once knew,

He made me cry when he said, "I'm over you."

That was the past said and done,

We left 2004 with our hearts ripped open

Then that next year you met someone new

Making it loud and clear that I was nothing to you

Now we pass in the hallway, we give each other a stare,

That is all no more that we know what was there.

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For My First Boyfriend

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Crimson Girl

I look at him

He looks at me

I turn away

I'm the crimson girl

I'm outgoing to everyone

But shy to him

Everyone but him knows I'm the crimson girl

What happened today

The words slipped out

Yeah I know I like you

Yet you're to stupid to get it or find out

I'm your crimson girl.

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the day where everything was ruined.

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Love Me.


Whenever you whisper I love you

I cannot meet your eyes

Simply because I could not bear

To find it was a lie

I've tried to hate you

But one cannot fool their heart

I'm so scared to lose you

Last time it ripped me apart

I know you cannot be trusted

I know I should walk away

And yet I find myself missing you

And believing every word you say

Please don't lie to me again

I don't know what I'd do

I beg that you truly love me

Because I cannot help loving you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is recent. About someone I love. 2006

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A Monster's Wish


I am a monster in your eyes

This much I can see

Sticking in the shadows

I can’t help but hide from thee.

A monster may forget to weep

When in the presence of an angel

For it’s then I realize

There’s purity in your every angle

I wish to only have you look

And see beauty in my face

And when I run away

See in my gait some form of grace

For you to praise me only once

Or to even see I’m here

I would pay nearly any price

Or conquer any fear.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Poem about my ex-girlfriend Leah. 2005

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Up All Night

July 1st, 2006

Eyes so heavy and tired

I could only wish to be wired

This job is a bore

Fun would be to walk into a door

Just close my eyes

Just a few mins to realize

For my lack of sleep

Slowly upon me will creep

So four hours to go

It's just going too slow

Just 20 mins in a bed

Only to rest my head

I'm so tired and sore

Why couldnt I have slept more

When will I learn

And not be so stubburn

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It was the anniversary of my death

A day in which all hearts shattered

Mine was once broken before

Today it didn’t matter

Another felt the pain of loss

The emptiness inside

When a part of you dies

Void is the notion of life

The pain and confusion astounding

What awful strife that once again has found me

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Best I Ever Had

*~ Charlie ~*

September 21st, 2005

I'm giving it all away

I'm giving up today

My biggest fear has come to life

I'll never be able to live as your wife

It hurts me from the inside

It hurts where I am able to hide

I'll never love another

Your unlike any other

You warned me

And I ignored everything

I truly love you

However it takes two

Remember my love as a token

Never again will it show, for I am broken

It just hurts so bad

Because I'm losing the best I ever had

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Pointless Dreams

Hopes build as high as skyscrapers

As she sits and dreams of her current love interest

The man of her dreams

She envisions him on horseback

A true prince, or a knight in shining armor

To rescue her from the world she knows

Shields the words her malicious parents throw at her

To bring her down to feel worse than a spec of dust

He raises her up to the heights of a pedastal

Praises her very presence and kisses the ground

Her precious feet walk upon

Then plants a sweet kiss on her lips

To show her that not all princes start as toads

That some are just born that way

But the bubble pops, the dream ends

Consciousness hits her and her brain reminds her

That he is not her prince

This is an unrequited love

Because in fact he likes her best friend.

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