Brown to green to brown

Brown to green to brown

   By jfarrell


So the leaves have changed since I sobered up;

Spring was starting

And now autumn, fall, is tapping on my shoulder;

From winter brown to spring green, back to brown.


As a hot summer cools to a warm (hopefully) autumn,

The leaves go through their red phase,

More blood red than brown;

The trees rain blood, as if in protest at what they see.


And maybe, we should listen to them;

Most of the trees are older than any living person;

If they could speak

What wisdom, what secrets might they share?


Maybe, there is only one wisdom, one truth;

“Stop worrying; He will provide”;

I’ve yet to see a tree exhausted with stress;

Or worrying where its next meal is coming from.


From brown to green to brown;

With a little scarlet, a little blood letting;

Maybe, this winter, the trees will wear their frosty cloaks; silver white;

And, maybe I will appreciate it more, than I did before.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

nature has many wondrous colours

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