The other day while walking in the woods something occurred to me
“How much there is to learn,” I thought, “from a stroll among the trees.”

Trees can teach us about beauty when we stop to realize
How beauty comes in any shape, in any color, any size.

For every tree is beautiful, each one a work of art and heaven blessed
And each tree adds its loveliness to the beauty of the rest.

Trees can teach us about harmony, they have no ego, no vanity, no pride
They stand together in the forest, different species side by side.

They can teach us about family, each tree is a sister or a brother
Strong enough to stand alone or lean on one another.

As we watch how trees welcome in the rain, the wind, the sun, the air
They can teach us how the key to life is their ability to share.

They can teach us about humility, it’s a lesson we must learn
As they give us food and air and life asking nothing in return.

They put up no fences, no walls, no boundaries have they made
And everyone’s invited in, to sit beneath their shade.

They can teach us about adversity, they stand tall through life with ease
They know the key to weathering any storm is swaying with the breeze.

They can teach us how to live together for it’s the Earth that they adore
They have no need for animosity, or hatred, or prejudice or war.

They can teach us to take the time to rest, to find shelter from the sun
And never be too busy to climb their branches, just for fun.

They teach us how we’re all connected, every creature, plant and stone
And remind us no matter where we go, we never walk alone.

And they teach us all in silence, they do not sermonize or preach
It’s up to us to accept their guidance and heed the lessons that they teach.

Yes, as I walked in the woods I never realized the way my heart would yearn
Knowing that the trees were there to teach me...and how much there is to learn.

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