Knighted By The Sun



When one waters plants

in the sunlight, each

drop is knighted by

the sun into a

magic wand

sending rays in all

directions like a sparkler.


saiom shriver

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Cut Down

Mother Earth



Grasses spinning

without ceasing

on their looms..

and then these

grasses are cut down

before they can bloom



saiom shriver

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My uncle and his plants


I remember that my uncle used to like plants a lot. (Every single one of them at earth’s surface). His liking towards these interesting organisms started when he was a kid and eventually continued until someday he decided to enroll in a major that involved agricultural and agrotechnological issues. His affinity towards plant cells didn’t seem to end, his house slowly began to suffer the consequences of this behavior as it filled little by little with flowers, herbs, cactus, trees, shrubs and other species whose names were everything but simple. Destiny seemed to help his desires as he married a woman who shared that same devotion. I can even recall the struggling I had as a kid when trying to enter his house, the entrance was completely surrounded by giant leaves that didn’t seem to come from any trunk. Those big green ovals flied around me and I swear I would have lost myself in that place if I’ve had no help from my parents to find the way. In addition, insects found the place extremely comfortable, and that was good and bad at the same time because I was able to observe new and strange types of insects but indeed they were able to fly and sting whenever they wanted. Once inside the house, it was no different. Plants were someway sweeter and smaller but they did found themselves all over the house. Persuaded by some plants, he built a greenhouse with the help of some of his colleagues. That place became his, and it began to work as an extension of his house. There were some differences, as he could try and carry out more ambitious projects and experiments. His creativity seemed to have found the correct place to develop its full potential. For weeks, the greenhouse was his home and for weeks, he found joy along with the people who also enjoyed the work. Knowledge came to be the best tool to apply, he was a pioneer in the hydroponic field and his determination matured along with his persistence. Ultimately, he tried to aim for what seemed impossible. He loved plants, all of them. Why wouldn’t he be able to grow species that belonged to other places? Years it took to fully grow strawberries and other type of fruits that were deemed impossible to grow in the region, but he managed it with enough conviction.  Plants, plants and plants. That was it. Plants aren’t supposed to trigger emotions, plants aren’t supposed to change lives… perhaps they’re more alive than what we thought.

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wildrosing, ripe applkes, water all, waters of life, waterfall shade, trees can't scream, God dances in all

Poem Strings


-saiom shriver-
Sun and shade
the rye dapple
as the sun
swells ripe apples

is wildrosing
the rye

in the shade
not permitted to
dance with the sun.
Cinderella ...
from the after
midnight moon
For those with
thirst panting
are God-designed
watermelon canteens
For the ants and
curled leaves...
and for long
water carriers
From every stream
and each waterfall
From every lake
and puddle
water's uniting with all

Fish can't scream.
Trees can't scream,
when they're axed or
hooked in the stream.
God does dance
in each beetle
every ant
all rats and mice
all weeds
every plant.


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Sand Spur & Datura

"Do you know why you're resented?" asked Datura.

Sand Spur considered and bristled his trampled stalk,

"Because I'm looked down upon; because they are tall."

Evening fell like a gentle hammer. Stars shone.

Frail trumpets opened and refused the world a song.

They splayed, imitating the colors of the sky.

Datura swayed with the breeze. "You snag at their flesh

and are silent. Your nettles stir in them their dread.

They'll return tomorrow to gnaw at your branches,

for it is they whom you have bled." The moon peeked through

cascading cloud cover and turned green grasses gray.

Fireflies traced aimless, yellow rings in shadow.

"They fall on me with hardened roots and push and twist

'til I've been torn away and sundered from my bed,"

Sand Spur said with bitterness, "still they resent me."

The remainder of his reaches rustled and shook,

dislodging their beads with hooks and spikes to touch down,

where they might blend and be carried away from here.

He fears for their passage but knows, "What may I do?

How will we continue to live? What might we give

as tribute to force their teeth away?" He withered.

Datura considered this and said, with softness,

"Nothing." Pedals fell; her fabric brass ensemble

fell into squalor as night gave heed to new day.

She saw them coming with their jaws held in their hands.

A sickly tear through the din, and Sand Spur was felled;

held aloft for a moment and then tossed aside.

They left and she spied an orb made of spines stuck low

and clinging, quietly, in hopes for a new home

where the truest of weeds are enabled, and grow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Life's few favors are small ones.

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Walkin' on Water Lillies

Walkin' on Water Lillies,

Dancing across the pads.

Listenin' to the drippin' drops,

The sound driving me mad.

Listen to the frogs croaking,

the flies buzzin' through the air.

The wind whisltling to and fro'

Me walking without a care.

Spinning on my heels,

eyes to the sky.

Yearning for Mother Nature

to hear my solemn cry.

Staring at the clouds above,

watchin' birds as they fly.

Trees leaves blowing in the wind,

dehydrated flowers die.

I feel all these things,

as they happen everyday.

Because here in thes forest field,

I'm one with nature as they say.

The moon rising high,

while the sun is settin' on the land.

Digging my toes into the grass,

as easily as if it were sand.

The stars shining like little bugs,

dancing in front of my eyes,

smiling and laughing at me,

as the last of the sun's rays say goodbyes.

The water bubbles, the creatures stir,

as I'm laying flat on the ground.

The wind seems to taunt my ears,

daring me to make a sound.

But I just lay low and listen,

as Nature's party has just begun.

And it doesn't cease until tomorrow,

with the rising of the sun.

Then I'm singing songs to the trees,

Dancing free and acting silly.

Feeling like I never need to care,

While I'm Walkin' on Water Lillies.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The coloring is deliberate according to nature and sceenery

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Lotess Minor

Lotess Minor sat and wept
amongst the burning trees that kept
his leafy bits from touching Earth
and his winding roots from finding dirt.

Now upon the stones he's set
and fretting is as much he'd get
from all the noxious smoke and ash
expelled to air from cache stash.

Ruckus was the tune of morn'
and Lotess found his rudders torn
by mean old bugs and chiggers found
'low the grass and 'neath the ground.

His leafy mitts were pinhole chewed
as winds would whip the blaze renewed
and glowing fronds would sail on air
while Lotess couldn't move from there.

His thirst had waited none too long
and upon the touch of root to wrong
he settled in against his will
and panicked as he drank his fill.

Now the terms of need would take
as Lotess sat there trapped and drank.
The pillared heat was closing soon
while Lotess gorged from nigh to noon...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To be continued.

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How H20 Saved the Day

The ground arid like a desert
Plants left to die… deserted
Their heads of petals hang low
And from down below roots bellow

Water, we need water!

Flowers look through the fence
To their mates by a bench
They look happy, full of blossom
They’ve not be forgotten

Roots bellow Water, we need water!

Plants in the garden are praying
Water! Water! They are saying
Their all hoping the skies will open
Praying sky spirits for a token

Roots bellow Water, we need water!

In a rush clouds turn grey
Plants yelling Wahoo! And Yay!
Rain pours out from the sky
No more plants will have to die

Roots bellow Wahoo! And Yay! Waters on its way

Water hurries down the plants
To the arid ground at last
The water hugs the ground
Turning it from grey to brown

Roots bellow Wahoo! And Yay! Waters on its way

Water seeps through the breaks
To the roots that silently await
Roots now yell Waters saved the day
The plants are pleased with what they say

Root bellow Water! Water! Saved the day

Droopy petalled heads look up, proud
At the scenery all around
They’ve been through a lot, I’m sure
And in a plant that’s what I applaud

Roots bellow Water! Water! Saved the day

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