Fruit Is Woven Light

Fruit Tree Poems


Animal flesh is the heaviest, densest food. The highest frequency food is fruit, which is woven light, the sun spun into crystallization as its rays are knitted into nuts, its beams stitched into blueberries.

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Barrier Blessing

Mother Earth



They did not like their neighbor's hue

and so they built a fence of hate

.. In time it blessed her

as a trellis

for morning glories

and grapes she ate


saiom shriver

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The Off Grid Life

the off-grid life.

untied from the shackles of strife,

2017, the modern existence,

getting on the property ladder, how does anyone have a chance?
20, 25 or 30, forced to work to pay every bill,

going to work all hours, struggling to find a way, a life against our will,

needing the money from any form of work, mostly unprogressive, unhappy 
life passing by, frustrating, anger, decreasing self-worth, causing individuals to be snappy

unfulfilled, potentials are not met, working a job all day, unable to progress,

money is the key factor, for bills to be met, let me digress.

often they still aren't causing pain and suffering, stress and depression,

homelessness is rife through the country, a feeling of regression,

a feeling of being stuck, how to retrain and improve your careers?
speak to friends or family and the same conversation, doubts, and fears
if only another option was available,

one that was accepted and not just for the vulnerable,

the homeless, the people with nothing,

but how is this existence different? it is truly crushing,

once you can see that your life is consumed with working for money,

the soul has passed, your energy too, it can get so hard it's not even funny,

but who understands? in the face of consumerism, higher purchase, loans, and debt,

who is living a life, truly satisfied, and their dreams are met?

Not all people living off-grid are rich in cash!
but they aim for other needs; security in food & energy, it's worth a bash,


a growing transition for many people too,

it's not just for the hippies, the spiritual, it's for people like me and you,

think about it for a moment or two...

who would you be without your car, house and your possessions?
is that person you portray the real you? or do you blend in so people don't ask questions?
are you honest with your family and friends?

or do you sit behind a desk wishing it would end?
there is a wealth of knowledge of old traditions,

from a time when they lived without these conditions,

the conditions of social media, advertising, marketing ads or vlogs

when screen time didn't consume every waking hour, and children were fascinated with tadpoles transforming into frogs.

hours spent outside, climbing trees, playing at the park,

not allowed home unless it was tea time or had gotten dark.


a shift is happening, ecotherapy, wild schooling, bushcraft, and hikes,

forest schooling, homeschooling, people walking and out on their bikes,

scientists are noticing the effects on children's behaviors, reduced health issues,

ADHD,  also a boost in self-awareness, positivity, confidence and mental health issues

is it easier to sit a child down to hours in front of the tv, or ipad?

than it is to spend a few hours playing down the park with dad?

or baking a cake with mum, the importance of these skills are being misplaced,

in this consumerism world, with employees a number, in a life so fast-paced.


Off-grid living, the communities hidden away,

all they want is a parcel of land to look after their needs, but hey,

that's not possible, 'cause where will the local council get their tax,

with the community, living off the land, growing food and chopping wood with an axe,

the need and usage of government-owned services would become minute,

living simply and within your skills of the land, renewables used, an abundance of fruit,

food preserved in many forms, jams and chutneys, frozen meat,

enough food to last year-round to survive through winter, or in the heat,

the food produced off the land, tending the garden, and grown for nutrition,

the most important for life and health also said to aid in remission.

off grid homesteaders, don't need to take the flack,

with health as the focus, working outdoors to provide, lowering the need for prozac,
comments from shallow minded people need not be said,

the power of community, working together, I want to spread,

to include children in the transition, of conserving nature and our wildlife,


the tranquil setting amongst the seasons, watching the stars, that's my type of nightlife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my first time sharing my poetry, (after a few friends encouraged me that I should) please be kind and send your thoughts.

Also all words are opinions of myself in the modern world that we live in. 

This is not meant to cause offense, harm, upset to anyone, and if it does please understand that is not my intention.


Many thanks,

Grandma on the Farm

grandma on the farm

wearing a checkerboard


canning fruit

a life of cowboy


blue jeans

and calloused hands

fighting for the

Promised Land

grandma on the farm

the old days

and the

old school ways

daddy was a miner

coal gravesites

mine shafts and

Kentucky blue


water boats

and American flags

dogs that bark

and bacon n' eggs

for tired legs

apple jelly and

grape juice

grandma once

shot a Moose

wrinkled and weathered

hot dogs and mustard

grandma was a fight

died at 99

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Apples and Pears

Apples and pears
Under the stairs

Apples and pears awry

Apples and pears
Nobody cares if you put them both in a pie

Author's Notes/Comments: 



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Mother Earth Bountiful


Mother earth bountiful

time of harvest full

trees full of nuts

a time of luck


hedgrows full of fruit

but u have to watch pollute

none from the roadside

full; lead and cyanide


careful in public spaces 2

cos they also pollute

spraying weedkiller for

that perfect lawn


autumn coming soon

then trees fruitless too

wildlife out of luck

no fruit for tuck


amazing setting these

hedgerows and trees

Mother earth's amazing

soon fall colours blazing


then winter sets in

then this cycle over again

the best thing is free

Mother earth Beauty

Bounty too

Gaia, Love you



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