First Smoke, Then Mirrors



Mist as incense rises

before the dawning sun,

each wave aglow

with his light


As slowly the sun

ascends higher,

every tidal pool

inlet and bay

all creeks and streams

image his face of fire.

-saiom shriver-





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The Threat

Unknowingly she carries a threat,

She is who she is,

And your ace is her card,

Saturated and wet.

Disquietude  within,

What does she own?

Out of  her mind,

Out of your zone,

Disillusioned by fear,

Her dress is duress,

And the hair on her head,

Never ever a mess.

A comb on the vanity,

And her vanity,

Her home,

Threatening insanity,

As her sanity will roam.

Feed her, you'll wither,

Starve her she'll die,

Suckle her ego,

You'll find out she's shy.

Conceal from her your passion,

Your  envy will rage,

Bear your grace to her mirror

Cause the show's on your  stage.



 © 2013

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"Eyes Just Like Mine"

Personal Favorites



Eyes just like mine,

Sharing tears,

Just on the other side,

of the bathroom mirror.


Eye to eye weeping,

expressing the need to be,

To feel, to see,

Eyes just like mine,

Sharing tears.




Ghosts of days gone by and voices that remain silent

No one speaks of those events
the evening when a soul was required for the game
when four young kids called out into a realm
they did not understand; opening a door that would not be
closed unless one should be offered as a sacrifice.
Is this hazy specter beyond the glass, beyond reflection that very soul;
the ghost that will not let go?

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destroying my weakest foundatons
a collapse of this man you shatterd should leave you content
destined for greatness yet i surely fall back to emptyness
i was the world and you were my ambition
but perfection seems to tie ends quick

I had a target but was without arrow
my luck has led me to a dead mans hand
conivicted of freedom
sentenced to be without worth
the cup was half full till the day I met you.
but who knew i was gazing into a mirror

silently begging for mercy as cataclysm becomes my foothold
when all my phobias disapear thru senselss sleep
their used to be an esssence of life running thru me
but it seemed to just dry up like the rest of my life
born with the short end of the stick
i strive to make a differance

as the nightmares go away
i dream of a place to be at peace
a perfect son i am not
but maybe ill bring happiness to...
whats it matter when you live in an dried up dark corner

ive done all i could to winde up here
but none of it was for the better
hope is all i have now
for ive lost it all
with all the mistakes ive done in the past
it was always you who pushed me to my own devistation
i blame you for all that has happened to me thus far
but then agian im still looking into a fucking mirror

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My reflection ( please give feedback )

Her eyes like mine are ocean green,
Her lips curl slowly round,
She'll never know the things i've seen,
Or hear the ringing sound,

Of laughter, trickling through the wind,
She'll never see a face,
Apart from mine, a certain sign,
In me her trust she'll place,

Though surely envy aches her heart?
She knows she'll never be,
Amongst the souls, she is a part,
A special part of me,

With sadness do her eyes look out?
Or is it that i guess?
She wishes with her heart to shout,
Of echoed loneliness,

To her i'll never be a friend,
Yet not an enemy,
A sister, bonded to the end,
For all eternity.

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