Ryan Lyandree


I’ve fallen victim of the aspects of this alembicated theogony

Prisoned between the texture and tone of this hypnotic polyphony

Behind the counterpoint there’s a secret left to be unraveled

Hidden is the blood bathed instrument, in which we are modeled.


The harmony and the melody being played got me all tangled

Like the feeble children of Hamelin, I beg blindly to follow

When crossing both circles, the omphalos, the experience’s spiritual

To think they’re just thermionic waves in motion being contrapuntal.


Left but marveled and dazed by this convoluted but delightful outcome

I leave the umbra of the beast to wherever it may choose to roam

May the specter of my own shine beneath the parsimonious heart

 For since the beginning of ages, we were never meant to be apart.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is my latest "Ryan Lyandree" poem.

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Great stuff this for it stress the inspearable nature of man and spirit I suppose!