5 Poems: Clutter, Clean, Charles Penn's Ring, Baby Boys, Castrated Plants

Poem Strings


-saiom shriver-
Clutter is sometimes
crystallized sadness,
sometimes fear,
sometimes an ethical
decision to recycle,
sometimes a warehouse
for those in need.
Those with libra, cancer,
or taurus planets are the
most likely to want
a clean home.
Seedless are
some watermelons
and limes,
grapes and clementines
Footnote: Baba put
the word grapes into my head
Baby boy chicks
in San Diego sent
alive through
a chipper
and in Iowa
they are
sent through a crusher
as do the rich
and religious haters
send the poor
into profit sired wars.
A famous songwriter who is a follower of Baba
recounted that Charles Penn, the pilot
who has written several books about Swami, had his
left hand outside the window while flying. His ring
fell off and slipped into the sea. When he went to the
ashram he was given an interview and mentioned the ring.
Baba closed the curtains and disappeared. He came
back 5 minutes later, dripping wet with seaweed streaming
from His hair and handed Charles the lost ring, joking
that He would have come back more quickly had the currents
not been so strong.

Several days after hearing this leela, it occurred to
the writer that the ring fell to the bottom of
the sea rather than Charles Penn, that Baba
might have prevented drowning karma.

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Irriation of Today

Soul Searching

The bottom of my soul feels agiated

By the vigors of my body

The unrelenting irriations which

Consume my spirit on this day.

No peace in myself, my being

Feelings of annyonce envelope me

The release of sleep is a comfort

but only when it suits itself.

My mind, a clutter of horomones

Raged on inside me like a torando

Or even a violent thunderstorm.

I want to give into the irriations

Maybe it will make me feel whole

To run through this day like a mad

Hatter unable to stop.

To make it over to the otherside

Of the moon into the dawn of tomorrow.

Let these emotions run wild

To the extremes of today.

My soul feels agiated

The vigors are unrelenting

Today I run wild

Into the shine of the moon

And with the mist of the dawn

Into tomorrow.


Sherry B.

Sept 7/09

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