Poems 2007-2008

I am not here
I never was
The light is gone
And darkness cames
Why do you ask
Am I like this...

The world is changing
It hates me now
But at one time it loved me so
Then it lefted me to rot,
this forsaken world

Time itself once gave joy
To the child within
But the innocence was stolen
By the Gods ungrateful hands

Life is cold to the bone
And insects bite at this skin
Cousing an rash of pain
Forever clawing at these veins

I have never been here
Nor will I ever;
The light shall not return
And the Darkness forever rules

Now why you ask why
Am I like this
It because
I was born with an
Empty Soul...


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this after I got into a big fight with my family. I'd like not to go into it. But this is what I wrote after it.

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very nicely done

very nicely done

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Thank you

Thank you very much. This is one of the few longer poems that I have wrote that I love. So hearing someone else say something good about it makes me very happy. So once again, thank you ^_^