Flaming Memories

Replace my cool soft pillow
With the warmth of your solid chest.
Fill the overwhelming silence that consumes my ears
With the rythm of you heart.
Wrap my body in your strong yet gentle embrace.
Nothing but sweat seperates our beings.
Even the most skillful DNA Analyst would have difficulty
Seperating our particals.
The release of your breath
Becoming the inhale of mine
Welcoming each one
As if the very being of my existence depended on you.
Body motion in unison to the beat building within like a crescendo
Climaxing with symbols crashing
Fire still blazing
Flames growing inwardly.
Fan towards the leak
And we both will explode.
Won't be consumed by the fire
Body activated extinguishers release once the temperature is just right
Saturation suffocates the inferno
Putting it out with ease.
Not a flame left in sight.
Only evidence is steam arising from moist hot flesh.
No words are spoken.
There are none to be said.
The memory should live
Only inside our heads,
The only reminder that will remain
Is in the moment our eyes meet
And our minds dance again
To a silent beat.


Time for lunch.
Heading to the Caf,
For the one I yearn.

What's she doing here?
Black hair, black eyeliner, black clothes.
Caught bleeding.

I've missed you.
And I you.
Pink, supple lips.
Full, large hips.

I break the rules.
Fuck off.

If love was real,
I think I'd love you.
And I would you.
Hah, love.

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How Many Times

Volume One



How Many Times”



How many times did I say those words

I don't even know where to start

but I feel it with every beat of my heart

how many times did I whisper them in your ear

wishing you were here

I was in so much pain, with nothing to gain

my head filled with so many voices

and so little choices


with just 3 little words

you did more then any other, you are more then just my lover

I want to be with you forever, to heal together


they say love is nothing but lies

I don't believe them when I look into your eye's

how many times did we say it

how many times did we feel it

I always thought you say it best

it always puts my doubts to rest


"Your voice is an Angel's choice"


being with you is my dream

being with you is my heaven

My Angel, my love, how many times did we say

"I love you"






Author's Notes/Comments: 

(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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I've got some secrets did you know
I keep them inside
I don't let them show
Secrets of pain and secrets of sorrow
To let them out would be the right thing to do
But who do I tell do I tell them to you
I could tell you one
But what good would that do
You might just sit and listen to me
But you might sit and laugh at me
Tell me what has been hurting me so
Is nothing at all
Just please let it go
But what if I said you were the cause
Would that catch your eye
Would you tell me the truth
Or make up a lie
Or would you begin to scream and shout
Would you tell me the truth and let it all out
But I think the best thing for me to do
Is keep it inside
Not tell them to you.

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