I’m sitting here in class

Don’t really know how much time has passed

Watching some crap on TV

Economics class. . . Please, someone kill me

Only 2nd block

No point looking at the clock

There talking about liberty

Been in high school for 4 years. . . What the fuck is liberty?

20 more minutes till the bell rings and I gotta stand up

Same thing every day. . . This is so fucked up

Oh look its Thomas Edison, he discovered electricity

In this moment, he’s the cause of my misery

School makes me live in my own little box of hate

I’d much rather stay at home and masturbate

Oh shit, teacher saw what I just wrote

Looks like she isn’t gonna take it as just a joke

She’s says that’s real funny Andrew, but the fun and games are over,

And now you got yourself some extra homework

-sigh- only 12 minutes left


3rd block won’t be any better I bet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just messing around in class 2010

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