Christina called
as I got off
the school bus


I went over
to her
standing by
the wire fence


the girls' playground
she took my arm
and walked me


along the fence
out of earshot
of others
I dreamed


of you last night
she said
did you now
I said


watching a prefect
looking over
what was I up to?
that would be telling


she said
that's the point
I said
some girls


were playing skip rope
singing a rhyming song
she looked at me
with her brown eyes


you kissed me
she said
is that all?
I said


the prefect  was walking
over towards us
his lanky frame


at a steady pace
it was a long kiss
she said
how long?


I asked
I didn't time it
she said
but it was good


made me feel
all unnecessary
as I heard
my cousin say


when she stayed
with us
what are you two
up to?


the prefect asked
he said to me
should be making


your way
to the boys' playground
not here
chatting up girls


looked at him
then at me
she dreamed of me


last night
I said
she was just
telling me


I bet no one
dreams of you
I added
looking at


the lanky prat
do you want to go
to the headmaster?
he said


giving me
the stern eye
was looking at me


her eyes like
melted chocolate
got to go
I said to her


see you lunch time
at recess
on the field
I walked off


the prefect stared
after me
Christina stood
with her hands


in front of her
her thumbs playing
with each other
I turned before


I went out of sight
and blew
her a kiss
which she pretended


to catch and put in
her school skirt pocket
the prefect scowled at her
as she walked away


patting my blown kiss
next to her thigh
easing out
a school girl sigh.

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