Manhattan Kindergarten



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He had been a high ranking officer in a previous life.
When he was reborn during the 40's, his parents
sent him to a Manhattan kindergarten, where at the
age of 5, he led his classmates out the open window
of the schoolroom, down the fireescape, down the
sidewalk to the light, and across the street to
Central Park . The school administrator asked his parents
to find him another school.


(per his sister JMF)


-saiom shriver-

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Through my window,

Not frequently though,

I watch the beauty of nature here,

That seems to absorb all my fear.


I like it most,

At any cost,

To see the full moon,

Ending the business soon.


The window does become truly,

A TV in my room constantly,

With many things in motion,

The sun, moon, the clouds, the leaves’ commotion.


I wholeheartedly welcome,

The lost-insects to come,

Invited is the air too,

That comes into the room through the window.


The window is my friend,

Being the source of ideas, grand,

Which are born as soon as I,

Watch out letting the thoughts fly!

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The Creatures in the Well


My hateful thoughts go in the well,

My bad emotions I do sell.

But it draws me back,

And what do the beings in the well lack?


They try to touch me and suck me in,

But this I of course do win!

For the Cultist pulls me away,

By grabbing me gone from the scene.


Now in the house I watch,

Through the window it does match.

And always the snow is there,

But I don't know where...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A vision I had through meditation.

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Resolved to Love

Her eyes opened to the dark of the coming dawn.
Silence, like the canopy above her head, hung in the air, if only to be disturbed by the rustling wind.
She blinks again, unsure of what her eyes are showing.
He was there, laying beside her in bed, his face soft from slumber.
Beside her was where she found him.

He could feel her eyes, like the morning sun, enveloping him in their warmth.
He didn't dare stir at fear he would startle her and force her to hide behind a blush.
He knew she was questioning his presence.
Then slowly, he felt her wrap herself in the sheet and remove herself from the bed.
Never again would he let her leave him.

She clung to the sheet as her feet slipped across the cold floor.
She gazed through the open window at the commencing morning.
She couldn't bring herself to find her clothing that was thrown about the room.
In that moment she was resolved to stay.
She was resolved to let herself love him.

He watched her as the sun slowly rose to illuminate the paleness of her skin.
He let his feet touch the floor and carry him to her.
His arms moved to tighten the sheet around her, and yet, secure her to him.
She was too much to take in all at once, he loved all of her equally.
So he closed the curtain again.

Together they let the morning pass to night once more.
And in their slumber they held onto each other for dear life.
Never again would they let go.
Never to be apart.
Together to greet the oncoming dawn.

Resolved to always love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is quite a poem, but it's not a short story either. I thought there might be an audience for it here.

Window Writer

Window smooth
On surface move
Your hand to prove
The world to me

Upon your face
Discover God
To clue embrace

The world is yours
By marker held
Each motion news
In awe compelled

Equation sure
In light of sun
The handiwork
A mortal one?

And how be known
In light of this
When all will think
Much less and miss
The work you've done
To understand
When we have all
But shallow hand

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