Pig Mask Dream - 9/20/2012

I had this Dream about a Year ago and I forgot to post it on here so here it is.... I must say this dream was unbelievably creepy. My cousin, who is going to college for producing films, wanted to use this dream for one of his short films, lol. It's an interesting dream to say the least... Anyway, here it goes:


Pig Mask Dream 9/20/2012 

I was in this trailer with this kid and my in-laws and Jeff (My Husband). There were huge fish tanks everywhere with bizzar looking fish in them. I was wanting to take the fish tanks home and as I was walking to the door there was a panic.


The little kid started screaming. And one of my in-law's said "Someone is at the door". I was spooked. The door had a window with a light colored curtian covering it and I could see the shilloette of a man through it. I freaked and we all ran to the back room.


We heard banging from outside the trailer. We kept going from room to room. This trailer seemed to be growing rooms! Then the banging stopped and I told the kid it hide by the side of the bed of the room we were in. I walked out into the hallway and looked out the window, and there were these men in pig masks looking through the windows and they started banging on the windows and trailer again.


I ran to make sure the door was locked and make sure no one had got inside. Then I looked out the window and saw a riot going on. People were swinggin chains, carrying weapons and shooting guns, and running in the street around the trailer!


I ran back to the room that the kid was in and it was just me and the kid there. I looked into the next room and there was this girl in her underwear hunched down in the dark room and her hair was long and black and it covered her and part of the floor. She was breathing very heavily.


I was so afraid to go into the room so I slwoly backed away and when I turned around the kid I was with had changed. He had black as cole eyes and huge bags and was completely pail and he just stared at me. Then I woke up. 


Supernatural Show Dream: July 27, 2013

Okay here is the dream. First off there is this show called: "Supernatural" over here. It is a show about two guys who fight off demons and try to stop the Apocalypse . At least that's what I have gotten from it... I don't really watch it and I have only seen a few episodes... Anyways here goes the dream: 
This dream was about the guys from the tv series, "Supernatural". I don't know their names though so I will just say "guys" or guy" or whatever...
 It all started when I walked into this warehouse-like room and saw the guys from supernatural. One was all evil looking and the other one was normal and the normal one suddenly ran up to me and picked me up and ran out the door.
 But as he was running with me, before we could get out of the door, I looked over and saw the other guy twitching and his eyes were rolling into the back of his head and they were turning black.
 I was freaked out. I remember thinking, "Oh my god, this is it, I am going to die!!!"  It was so intense. When he put me down I realized that I was bleeding..down there... I thought that I had started my period and got really embarrassed and apologized to the guy. 
Then, the guy said. "No, you are giving birth to Lilith " I freaked out again.
 All of a sudden there was blood everywhere coming from me. I know, gross right? Then through out the whole dream I was fighting off demons with the guy and one of the demons wanted to father my baby.
 And the whole time we were fighting off demons I was still giving birth.... I was just walking and running around in labor and bleeding everywhere... 
We ended up banishing the demon that wanted to be the father of my baby, too... Among other creepy demons... or what ever.
 And also, the whole dream I was still giving birth. Let's just say it was very bloody and gross...
 I woke up before I even had the baby, or "Lilith" or whatever!!
 It was fucking crazy and intense!! I didn't even tell you the whole dream. There was just too much going on in it to tell it all. I woke up feeling so wierded out, lol. Then I went back to sleep and had another dream that I barely remember... And that's it... Crazy, right???
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It is dark.

The old ones groan pierces the silence as his back is bent.

I knew he would, I could have expected this.

He surprised me although he didn’t.

A door opens.

The faint light of a single candle shines upon a grinning face.

I deny it, knowing that I know he knows.

It hurt, although it didn’t.

who am i?


when all confidence has left you,

and you feel bereft of love,

forsaken by those who claimed they cared,

that's when i'll fit you like a glove.


i'll wait behind your neediness,

and use arrogance, he's my friend,

i'll have you projecting all of me 

onto children, women, and men.


that's when i do my finest work,

and all of me i'll bring,

when others up and leave you,

i'll infect you, and do my thing.


my presence will be cunning,

my manipulation sly,

i'll have you wrapped around me,

you won't even ask yourself why.


the more of you i can consume,

the larger we become,

to contaminate all is what i want,

'cause YOUR pain, to me, is FUN!


a fiendish scowling wimp, you see,

a psychopath, my dear,

enjoying all your suffering,

your kidnapper...i'm fear.





10:07 AM 6/22/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

the only thing to ever fear, is fear itself. ~franklin d. roosevelt~


and that's the truth.



Fear's House Of Mirrors

fear is the king 


of a coward's delight,


fear rules illusions


that cloud all fools' sight,


fear wants compliance


adoration and praise,


fear becomes arrogance


when you challenge his gaze,


turning the tables around 


can be bliss,


when I make friends with fear


his intentions I twist,


fear uses everyone


and makes them his slaves,


fear turns the souls 


of some dead in their graves,


fear teases weaknesses 


of youth and of old,


fear changes hearts of warmth


into stone cold,


fear is the god 


that brings glory to killing,


fear is the god 


that makes the spineless willing,


motivation of many is controlled by fear,


due to principles twisted,


and virtues unclear,


many will use fear,


unwilling to see,


their fears are controlling them


clear as can be,


if ever you see one who 


worries too much,


believe it is fear that is


gaining their trust,



fear is a mirror

when we've lost our way,


that tells us "forget love, honey...

I'm your hero...please stay?"


misguided people fall into fear's rut,


they slip and fall in,

losing touch with their gut,


banish your worries

and live in the now,


To strongarm your fears,

honeybun, this is how!!



6:57 PM 6/19/2013 ©

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A Mother's Embrace

One night I had an uneasy dream
I was at  Mother's Wake
A woman entered the viewing room
I wanted to scream
It was my Deceased Mother
Followed by her Dead Sister Stella
A third woman without a face
Carried a black violin and an umbrella
The trio approached the coffin
Mother was lying in
The Blond woman with no face
Started to play a weeping violin
My brother suddenly grabbed me
And threw me against the wall
I fell to the floor then slowly got up
I realized I was now wearing a Pall
Mom looked at her corpse
Then approached me and said
I am not dead
Then she slapped my face and embraced my head
I awoke rolled out of bed turned on the light
Looked in the mirror with terrible fright
Saw a red mark on my face what a horrible sight
Did Mom return form the Grave to visit me this night
The mark was proof of Mom's Death Embrace
I hope writing this poem
Will keep me from ever going
Back to this dark place

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Nothin' Comin'

Why do you carry your empty heart?
Has not anyone told you?
The shelves are bare...
The saftey boxes have nothing for you, my dear...


So you say that you thought that was a nightmare?
No, dear, you see it is your nightmare and your life,
And your life is the nightmare,
And it is your deepest wish for yourself.

Why? You ask "Why?"

Why? Because you choose it to be,
Through your reluctance to fill your heart
On your own accord,
You have chosen the nightmare over the dream.



12:56 AM 5/3/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How we create our bliss or our unhappiness.

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Warhead - Part II




He was standing behind the door,

Grinning evil at me...

But he couldn't fool me,

I was not coming closer;

He was a total nightmare!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A dream I had about Warhead.

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My nightmare

Its got you by the throat,
Your chest is tightening now,
You got yourself here,
You often ask yourself how?
Still living in the past,
Pulling yourself through each day,
Is this what its like,
To be losing your way?
When your biggest desire,
Is for your whole life to change,
Your disease needs a cure,
But its always out of your range!
Needing to be fixed,
But not knowing whats wrong,
Oh when will i feel better,
How long, how long?
I dont know who i am,
But im looking for a quick fix,
I need someone to help stop me,
From blowing out my next mix.
I know right now,
That im not in the right head space,
I pray for the future,
I never become a head case.
I have loved ones,
Im sure they care,
But at the end of the day,
Their not living my nightmare.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Abit of a dark place right now, not exactly sure what im doing all i know is i hope for alot more happiness in my future!
Would love some constructional criticism !!