the monster in your head wrote you a poem

Look and see the monsters that be those of you who will not flee. 

For each there is three.

Help yourself and you'll be free from one and two.

But not from three for that title belongs to me.

for it is you and me and that's the way it shall always be. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a short little poem about what someones inner demons might say. the demons are sadness and anger one and two but three is hope.plaese tell me what you think I could use the feed back. 

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An Account of Monsters

Short Stories

I was in the squat, they always seemed to me like buildings from third-world-countries; but you have to do with what you have. There was one beautiful room with a black sofa (I always wanted a sofa in my room) and no television, a drying rack, some music-boxes, clothespins, etc. But the sad thing was that the room belonged to someone else. Ramses told me I could stay in the room (but that is something else than having it yourself), so I stayed. I enjoyed the room till the moment came the owner came home, I locked the door so I had to open it of course and he came inside telling me it was alright I used his room, what a relief!


At the front of the house there was a monster, I always feared the day would come that the minions of Cthulhu would be released (and still I do pray for the very day) and here (in this dimension) it has come to pass, I fear they will consume me alive. I know the name of the monster in front of my house but I fear to recall it by its name. The most scary thing was that I opened the door slightly and for a moment I feared the monster would come through the door into the house to eat us all, but the door closed fastly, we were safe again...


For some time I pondered at the lake, it was night. I was outside and kept walking up and down next to the black waters, I wondered where the Deep Ones were and if they would come to get me too, I wished to see them, I truly did, but nothing happened. But at least I could contemplate upon the lake. I was thinking about the monster, what was it doing? Was it sleeping? Was it watching me? The gray huge monster, the thing I feared most.


I had another room; it was high in a cocoon of white plastic, it was a bubble. It was not much, maybe it was not even real but it was there, there high in the air where the monsters couldn't reach me, where the gray thing from beyond couldn't touch me, I loved this place. I started to put on my inline-skates; the plan was to outskate the monsters speed, to be able to be faster than him; like I did before that day when I outran the cops on the street near the Fish-market. When I looked outside of the bubble I saw the dragons, the monsters; and I knew that they were mere creations of the mind, but still I feared them even more, while in truth I am one with them; even one with the monster who haunts me.


The monster was able to get inside this time, fastly it ran through the hall, slaying all in its path, it was time and I was finished. When I returned to the beautiful room, he was dead, the owner was dead. His body was lying bloodred on the black sofa. When I explored more I noticed that everybody was dead, but Ramses I couldn't find; of course he mystically disappeared (like always). I heard something. Fear took control of me. Large footsteps in the hallway, shuffling sounds. I had to move, I just had to move. I crawled to the door and looked around the corner. Nothing. Fastly I closed the door behind me. I couldn't stay here. What reason I had to stay here? Suddenly the monster jumped from around the corner on me, knocked me with my head down on the floor and devoured me alive...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(A dream I had).

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I’m searching for a way

To express these persistent screams

Living beneath these eyes

Crafting nightmares out of dreams


I’m searching for a way

To surpass these sadden seas

But I hold on to my Kraken

Swallowing the beast within me


Is there no place?

To let insecurities come to pass

To burn amongst the sky

To take wings in Earthly drafts

Is there no place?

To drown the insistent thoughts

To wither them to the bone

To expose them till they rot


I forget there is no place

To home creatures of my kind

The unforgiving weathered world

Leaving me behind


I forget there is no place

To embrace who I desire

My creature clawing outward

Set these streets on fire



Wrestling with Monsters


I'm wrestling around with

the monsters inside me.


Begging them to just leave me alone!



But these monsters inside of me

just don't care about what I want!


They want me to open up my heart,

so they can get inside.



I'm wrestling around with

the monsters inside me.


I don't know who's going to win...



I'm wrestling with the monsters inside of me,


I'm not sure whether I want 

to continue on...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote while I was in a dark place...

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Monstrous Assumptions


There is many a story about monsters,

Many a song that claim one to be.

But what is a monster truly?

I can tell you what it is to me.


Some say a monster has claws

Others depict a monster as a thing with huge jaws.

Does not a cat have claws?

Does not a bear posses a gaping maw?

They are not monsters

(Though some may disagree),

But a part of nature itself.

And to many, a monster is a bright hue,

Like a butterfly, or a harmless yew.

But what is the point of all these attributes?

To make it scary, yes.

But it goes deeper than that.

What are the claws for?

To tear you down until you are no more.

And the big, glistening teeth?

To bite into you

And dig deep

To where it really hurts.

I know many who do this, but are not quite as bright.

And then, we must ask why.

Why does the monster attack people?

Many animals attack people, but out of fear.

A monster attacks anyone near,

Not because they are afraid

But for any reason they have quickly made.

And the worst thing is,

Many believe them not true

But that only makes it easier

For them to get to you.

So be careful

And this time I’ll ask

What does a monster really do?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Eh . . . so many people have already written about this kind of thing, I don't feel very original. But, whatever. I still want to know how good/bad it is. (The rhyme scheme isn't very consistent)

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Flaws of Wanting to Feel Love

Splashes of ice
and salt,
the moment crushed in agony,
flashes of light
and blistery suns,
moons cry in pain,
in darkness of love,
yearning to see the
bright bursts of love,
plenty mourn 
and kill themselves
to be wanted,
wanted for love,
it's scary,
you know when killers com out to
overview pain,
please don't leave,
the little kid in me 
the moans of the 
monsters tempting 
me to sin,
to sniff the snow,
ain't nothing in the
world free baby
Author's Notes/Comments: 

Real stuff I am going throug. 

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Soothing the Savage Grimbledorfs

Dreams and Schemes

I lay asleep soundlessly

beneath the covers on my bed,

Only to be awoken by the sound

of Grimbledorfs above my head.

Now Grimbledorfs are ugly creatures

with ears the size of a fist

and their eyes are blood red

as if they were blood-kissed.

Their teeth were sharp like razor's

and yellow as the sun.

There flesh green and cover in scabs,

plus they'd all talk as one.

Grimbledorfs were savage creatures

who would feast on human skin

and the secret way to be spared,

was to tell them tales of the Moonlight Gin.

Now this gin wasn't really real,

or an alcohol of any kind.

It was just something they had invented

within their convoluted minds.

See Moonlight Gin had the power

to turn Grimbledorfs into men

and so they searched for it endlessly

but believed it was hidden from them.

On this night I told them a tale

of a land very far the way.

Where there was enough of the gin,

to cure them all they say.

The place lay beneath the sea,

looked deep within a metal chest.

I absentmindly pet one of these creatures,

a small one laid upon my breast.

I told them If they hurried

they could make it by first light.

Because Grimbledorfs would explode

If they weren't hidden before the end of night.

And so they clambered over one another,

diving off of my bed.

Saying that if it wasn't there,

I'd better have another tale or I'd be dead.

They closed the door quietly behind them

and I ground in sorrow.

For this underground island did not exist

so they'd be back tomorrow.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

When I was younger I'd imagine these little creatures were sitting at the foot of my bed.

And they were always getting ready to nibble off my toes if I ran out of tales.

This is what they sort of looked like:

What You See Is What You Get

What You See Is What You Get,

Anvil-Heavy Heart,
The Backwards Alphabet,
What You See Is What You Get,
What You See Is What You Get,
Ain't Much,
Too Much,
What You See Is What You Get,
Itchy Grey-Cloud Smile,
Too Old To Be This Wild,
What You See Is What You Get,
The Monster,
The Child,
What You See Is What You Get,
Big Dumb Idiot,
Smartest-Dumb Kid You Never Knew,
What You See Is What You Get,
A Million Times Told Beautiful,
The Monster-Child-Dumb-Idiot Means It A Million More Times,
What You See Is What You Get,
The Off Switch Never Found In The Dark,
How Do You Turn It On?
What You See Is What You Get,
Tracing Words With Fingers On Your Back,
It's Gonna Be 'I Love You' Again,
What You Don't See Is What You Will Never Get
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My Little Purple Monster

My little purple monster,
hides under my bed.
She's not there
for anyone else
to see, just for me!

My little purple monster
is as friendly as can be,
and she is forever going to be
here for me!

My little purple monster,
knows the real me,
and she would never allow
anyone to be mean to me!

My little purple monster,
as cute as can be,
and she is very gentle,
wouldn't hurt a bee!

My little purple monster
waits for me under my bed,
and when I come home from school,
she's there waiting for me!

My little purple monster,
is a friendly little thing.
She's my best friend,
and can be yours too!

So, you don't have
to worry about monsters
hidding under your bed,
because my purple little monster
will make sure they aren't bad!

My little purple monster
will scare them away,
and she'll protect you,
just as she protects me!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How do you like it? I'm thinking of it as a children's poem. Please let me know what you think!

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