What we leave behind

    What we leave behind!          


On the day that we are born is the day our lives begin

we’ll leave behind footprints to where we all have been

some impressions will linger on so do keep that in mind

its those things that will live on as to what we leave behind

during our time on earth were taught all kinds of things

like how to live the life were given without the age-old sins

some will give all they have strength and honor intertwined

its those times we live for as to what we leave behind

so make sure you live your life the way god wants you too

and seek his guidance and his love in everything you do

so when your time on earth is done please bear in mind

the love you’ve given thru out your life is what you’ll leave behind


Becky Chadbourne.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

hope you all like this poem !!!!!

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I’m searching for a way

To express these persistent screams

Living beneath these eyes

Crafting nightmares out of dreams


I’m searching for a way

To surpass these sadden seas

But I hold on to my Kraken

Swallowing the beast within me


Is there no place?

To let insecurities come to pass

To burn amongst the sky

To take wings in Earthly drafts

Is there no place?

To drown the insistent thoughts

To wither them to the bone

To expose them till they rot


I forget there is no place

To home creatures of my kind

The unforgiving weathered world

Leaving me behind


I forget there is no place

To embrace who I desire

My creature clawing outward

Set these streets on fire



Those left behind! 2015

those left behind 2015


those left behind have the heavyest cry

when we have been told that they did die

first comes shock and it leaves you hollow

and your soon thinking i wanna follow

those left behind are then in denial

and they themself feel like there on trial

memories start flooding in to fill your mind

with places and things of every kind

those left behind know there in a better place

in reality its tomorow that you dont wanna face

one day you'll be able to think of them so fondly

and tell of there life to which you speak proudly

those left behind have storys to tell

of the wonderful person you knew so well

they went up to heaven by the hands of an angel

to be with god there no more pain they will handle

when we are called up there to live for all time

never more will we be among those left behind




Author's Notes/Comments: 

i wrote this last night because my childrens step mom passed away yesturday morningand while i didnt know her personaly i didnt wanna see my children go thru a painfull ordeal like this i do wish i could talk away the pain but some pain we have to go thru in order to be a batter person hope tou all like it


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*Stairway To Heaven*

Trish M. Barrek Hopkins

As i look up the long stairs to heaven 
I get this relaxed feeling 
And know God will be waiting 
For me on the other side 
Good or bad he loves me
And does not believe in hating 
He comforts me and begins the healing 
I will hold my head up with pride 
Because God will help me see
There isnt a reason to have cried 
No more for the pain inside 
Only time for praying 
For the loved ones i left behind
For I am now their guardian angel
To protect from the world around them 
And for them to allow my soul to move along
For peace in their hearts 
I will help them find
To continue with life staying so strong 
Knowing i am where i belong
If they ever feel like falling apart 
Because they miss me so
I will be right by their side to catch them
And begin to help them understand
That here on earth is where they belong
And they live life to the fullest thats a demand
I will help them see
It is not their time to go 
And to let me rest at peace and set my memory free 
For i will always be near
To let them know when times are low
My angels touch the warmth of comfort they know
The melody of my love they will hear..


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l u P e z


I stare into your eyes and see the infinity, it calls me endlessly

And I gather every morsel I can, like a wild animal in your mind at times,

A sensuous delight in your bed, consumed by our hunger for us,

Brightening the darkest moments in our heads.


When we are apart I try to figure out where I should start,
It seems like I've missed days, even weeks sometimes,
I think about you and the questions cascade like a waterfall in my mind,
And always, somehow, I feel so left behind.


You're like a cryptogram, unsolved,
And I can never figure out why all of the letters match up
Except for that one that screws up the whole thing again,
My tongue is tied in knots as I struggle for the words, it's absurd.


When I was a kid, my father used to say I was ungrateful,
I never felt that way, I just had a lot of questions,
Life seemed so puzzling, and it's still a puzzle, often,
But I don't think I'd be happy any other way.


I love you with all my heart, and probably always will,
Because I can't ever know all of your pieces is not a big deal,
What I get from you means so much more,
And anyway, whatever piece I'm missing seems to fit perfect.




12:02 AM 6/16/2013 ©






Author's Notes/Comments: 

The missing piece to someone else's puzzle usually is you.


This poem was inspired by the amazing and lovely Dovely.

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