What is Love?

To me and everyone else you were always Alex C.


I fell in love with Alex C.

I married Alex C.

I travelled with Alex C.

I wanted children with Alex C.

Alex C. Told me I was his everything

Alex C. Told me he could never hurt me

Alex C. Told me I was the only one for him

Alex C. Vowed to be loyal to me forever


My Husband Alex C.


Then one day you were Alexander.


I cried because of Alexander

I broke because of Alexander

I lost my love because of Alexander

I have a hole in my heart because of Alexander.

Alexander knowingly hurt me, more than anyone has hurt me in my life.

Alexander did unspeakable things to me

Alexander broke his vows

Alexander gave himself to someone else.


A whore’s lover, Alexander. 



You told everyone you wanted to be Alexander but no one listened. Is that still what you want Alexander?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My Husband always told people he preferred Alexander, yet Alex C. was what he used on everything, he would introduce himself as Alex and everyone always called him Alex...until her. She called him "Alexander". 

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Alone ... on water *** You

Alone ... on water
You still seek and seduce you with the light
Can you now
Portraits of disappeared women
They are fertile
Do not leave their bodies And a flower the size of the sea
The pool died, remained from the color _ Looks deep
When the light is deflected a little
For hunting silicon birds
On the frame of the painting Rain equals wetness between us
To cheer up the child that you were one day
Delays stepping lines Lest he grow old over the emptiness
And I wanted to be now
How did you do an act like this Lift your brush
From the curvature of the shade to the wind
Fragile colors It sneaks into my rib cage Your voice rises on the new frame
Provokes poetry and music and other things
Close your eyes
Until you see
The same things You must be happy as long as you hang lines of visions
On the half of the poem and the painting was not completed ..
To you, Faradis, the light Between the sides of the space My friend
esmat Al-Nimr

esmat alnemr

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Please Use

darker color



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Alex C

Sounds like you've been exposed to life. Would you do it again.  Can you help not doing it to some degree