A Good Day

First thing in the morn, blow your horn, giving thanks for another blessed day, then smile and be on your way. Ask for guidance if your skies are gray and be a blessing for someone in dismay.


Because sad is bad if you let it get you down you've been had. It's all up to you. So don't let the bad choose or you loose and if things are not clear let The Lord steer, you'll be filled with cheer.


Then do something good like volunteer. Now you might work up a blister but it's well worth helping your sister. It could even be a bit painful however, you could be helping an Angle, who's undercover posing as your brother.


Now we all need help as quietly as it's kept, once this we accept we can keep from becoming inept. After you've completed your quest you can stick out your chest, you know you've done your best, you've been truly blessed.


Then you'll have leeway to look to the sky and say Hey, the making of a good day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Have a good bay

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Non Military

I existed
You drank….with me
You fought…with me
You hated………….me
You loved………….me
I was a memory
You thought…….and laughed
You thought…….and cried
You thought…….what an idiot
Then the memory faded and died
You don’t know me
But you………… about me
Laughed………….about me
Cried……………….about me
When I'm dust
Part of of the Universe
Will anything know
I existed?

© Tony McNally

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 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Like death is to an erie smell

As red as blood

Someone is hurting no one can tell

All you hear is a thud as that person falls to the ground

No one deserves to die like this

All full of pain

No heart here is found

At night you hear distant cries

Sounds like they are about to die

Sounds like pouring rain

Out of control

Nothing to gain

Without their soul

They only have the light

They have no place to go 

Left in them they have no fight 

To take care of them

They have nobody they know


As red as a rose

There's a drip of blood

Falling from their nose

Fighting the erge

Wanting to slice their wrist

But that wouldn't solve their problems

Or make people sad

It would get their family members mad

For no where to go 

For now they can only hide

Holding all their pain

No body by their side


waiting to explode

Leaving a stain

Wanting to die

But don't understand

And don't know why

Just wanting a helping hand



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*Keep Your Head Up*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Things may look impossible

Think of the positive

Hold on the the possible

Hold onto the love

Let go of the hate

Give yourself that extra shove

To get you out of this state

That keeps you holding onto the bad

Believe in fate

Let go of being sad

Believe at any rate


Keep your head held high

Fight the stress

That wants you to die

Forget the mess

That makes you cry


Things will get better you'll see

Live the life you want

Let the worries go by

Don't let your struggles haunt

Push them away set them free


Keep your spirits held high

Don't waste your time on what people want

Let your strengths fly

Keep your stand let it flaunt

All you can really do is try



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*Today You Begin To Breathe*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Today you begin to breathe

It's the day you begin to die

You know you're getting older

You begin to cry

The tear that just dropped

And landed on your shoulder

Has already began to dry


It's getting harder to move

Your bones you begin to hear "pop"

Minutes of your life you're starting to lose

Praying your heart doesn't stop

Depression begins

The number of days lived drop

Stress is out beating you.... it wins


The day you begin to live

Another heartbeat has gone by

Yesterday is just a memory you can't give

You ask yourself why

Each breath you take

Another day you try

Praying the next day you wake

Angels above you fly


They wait until the time is right

You feel their presence is strong

To live you will put up a fight

Your time is not up they are wrong




Not Done

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem isn't finished ..I got writers block.. I'll come back to it 

*Live Your Life The Way You Want*


  Trisha Barrek Hopkins


When you awaken

After the sign has risen

The time you have for today don't mistaken

The life you are having may not be the one 

You really live in


It may be a picture from the past

Or a memory you believe in

But dont blink because that image could disappear

Real fast

Because what seems real

It forever won't last 


Be careful on what you dream

Because you'll get caught in the dreamers net

You'll be stuck in there

So do the things your heart is driven to do 


Live your life the way you want 

Trust your feelings from your heart

And do the things you do best

Because if you don't the "what if" will haunt

And all depression will follow the rest

Everything you havewill part


From this fall you won't beable to start

Put your mind,body,and soul to the test

And don't satisfy for anything less

Ignore that bratty pest

Let God bring you to a higher place

Keep your head above the rest

Put your heart in it and anything you can face


Mainly when you're at your deepest mess 

With God he can help you with your fear

To him you can always confess

He can help you with grace

Live don't try to beat lifes' race

God...He can protect what's most dear

Your life

So pray to him or a loved one

Because you they truely can hear


Live your life the way you want always

Reach to the stars

Experience each new day

Let your memories haunt

Because you never know how far

God will let you live the life you want



*The Day You Begin To Live*



Trisha M. Barrek  Hopkins

The day you begin to live 
Is the day you start to die 
Things you see aren't what you believe 
Even the first tear you cry 
Is already the thing of the past 
The hardest you try 
You cant make the day last 

The day you take your first breath 
Is the day you gasp for air 
Trying to figure out whats next 
The sound of angels is what you hear 


Before you know it you're old 
So treat this day as it was your last 
Because before you are told 
You'll be the thing of the past 
God put you through this test 
To see if you pass 
Soon enough you'll be putting your body to rest 
The heart beat you heard it'll be over real fast 


The devil will try to take your soul 
But to let you see the light 
God will make it his goal 
To keep it shining bright 


The day you begin to live 
Is the day you start to die 
So live your life like you want 


Because getting older will soon be by your side 
Soon enough you'll realize you'll see 
Your ghostly soul will start to haunt 
Here on this earth in person you'll no longer be 



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In Memories You Live

Once upon a day I lived, but now only memories and air

Question to exist, and left upon a forgotten chair

I fall victim; the very hostage to a fate that isn't fair


Into the graveyard of memories, where beautiful things fade and die

and behind the dying oak tree, somewhere is you and I

Beside us inscribed on the tomb is where our promises lie.

Eternal here, is the flowers born from the days

Where I thought it was forever and wasn't just a phase

Years long gone, but your spirit forever stays


Under the moon lays the possibilities of love

But in a tree, lies a poor and injured dove

Blind to see the world, and the beautiful stars above

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Life is, as is Time

The time goes down

The age goes up
Neither to be stopped
Yearnings to be found
Plans to be made
What is it missing
The timeline of life
Time never ends yet always begins
No time is wasted in life, only choices made
Why regret
Why stress
When the decision is life
Every instantaneous still of life's path is beautiful in itself 
For life is not determined in our decisions, life is lived
Lived between
Lived before 
Lived after
Lived through
Life is simple
Why consider life to be past, present or future
Life is not but what it is
The course of our adventure in the limited perpetualance of time
Life is relationships
Life is mistakes
Life is accomplishments
Life is pain
Life is sorrow
Life is all that can be
Ones purpose is to be their life
To see all that there is to see
In every image
In every heart 
In life
While our limited, enigmatically wondrous gift of life is given to us
We must
Author's Notes/Comments: 

First draft

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