Night and Day

Light and Dark

The time of lovers and dreams
As I sit beneath the stars
I count how many times I see you in them
But you shine brighter than them all
The moon, so beautiful, but alone
And sometimes missing altogether
Yes, I suppose I am the moon
For sometimes my thoughts are here fully
Sometimes they are half-thinking of you
And sometimes I’m completely out of it
Thinking of you does that to me

Yet I know that when my night is over
You will rise in the east
Brighter than all the stars
And brighter than me
I can only reflect the brightness you give me
And we all know you can’t see the moon for the sun
So forget what they say
You brighten the day
You are worth so much to everyone
You are worth so much to me
Keep shining

Then, when the sun leaves
You can see the moon again
You can see me
But little do they know
That when they can’t see me
It’s because I’m with you
And that’s why I shine

My Heart

My Love

My heart was once glass
When held up it's a calm sea
Steady, reliable, strong.
But it was dropped once,
And I watched it fall.
It's waves roared away from it's certain doom
As if it could save itself from the fall
But couldn't fly
And I watched it shatter into pieces,
Pieces that cut to the soul.

When you left
I returned
And carried the pieces away.
I brought them home
And kept them together,
But couldn't bring myself to try and repair them.

For years I went without my heart,
A bag of broken dreams
A reminder of what could've been
What should've been.
But I couldn't stay that way
I just couldn't stay broken.

So I found a fire,
And picked up the shards.
I grabbed some steel to fortify them,
Some ore to protect them.
I molded the heart from the metal
And poured the glass into it
Along with my blood and tears to give it life.

So if I give my heart to you,
You find it cold and dark
But love is a blazing fire
With it you might melt away my walls
And you will find
A red glass heart underneath.
A red sea that is steady, reliable, strong
And yours only.

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daddy's home is far away...

daddy's left us,
alone and cold,
to fight away, men from far away.
He comes home, not alone.
His brothers beside, there's tears in their eyes,
Mother cries those tears away.
says "he's gone far away"
All that's left, from ashes to ashes, dust to dust
a snapshot from a family album,
and some old cold boots in a closet locked away.
Nothing else left for me,
but an old memory from far, far away...

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Untitled 004

Untitled Series

I was innocent once, before I
was born...
Now I am guilty of sins and
My wings stayed in the garden
of Eden, salvation revoked...
Now I toke the good herb from
Mother Earth, sometimes I
reach heaven's door and knock...
knock, knock! but no one
answers, "They are probably
still asleep."
I am a crazy diamond shinning
across the sky...
In my past life, I was a Quiche'
Warrior giving praise to the
Plum Serpent-
In this life, I am fighting for
survival, hiding from the
'Tigers that broke free'...
An ocean of sorrow washed
away my home, now it sits on
top of a mountain, made out of
Keep your sticks and stones,
they might brake my house-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Keep your sticks and stones!

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Where can be she be?

Through the old looming mirror, he walked, stepping lightly
as he transferred to the realm of the forgotten melancholy;
hoping he'd find the thing that haunted his dreams;
the ghost he kept seeing in every reflection.
In his mind the delicate, soft voice of confused innocence echoed
with every cry for help;
the faint image of pale, fragile hands reaching out from behind
the glass played on in his mind like a dream set to repeat for eternity.

Feelings Lost...


All these teenage melodramatics,
Songs that make you want to lie,
Cliched lines and bittersweet love,
Getting old isn't on their mind.

Relationships and dancing emotions,
Beating hearts and new temptations,
Wandering hands and burning desires,
Just focusing on the one they admire.

Love songs and mood swings,
Singing the words they dare say,
Dancing as fast as the record spins,
They want to stay this way.

But the passion will soon expire,
And the new temptations will be gone,
They'll lose all desire,
To spill their hearts into songs.

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Do You Remember When...?

Your close friends became strangers
Lollipops turned into cigarettes
The innocent ones turned into sluts
Your homework started to go in the bin
You started using your mobile in class
Detentions became suspensions
Soda became vodka
Underwear turned into thongs
Kisses turned into sex
Remember when getting high meant using the swings in the playground, not doing drugs
When playing with your best friend meant hanging out, not making out
When protection meant wearing a helmet, not a condom
The worst thing you could get from boys were 'cooties', not STI's
When Dads shoulders were the highest place on earth and Mum was your hero, not your enemy
When your worst enemies were your siblings, not the law
When race issues were about who ran the fastest, not what colour skin you had
When War was only a card game, not blowing up innocents
The only drug you knew was cough medicine, not cocaine
The only 'smoke' from your lips was your breath on a cold day, not weed
Wearing a skirt made you a girly girl, not a whore
The only things to hurt you were grazed knees, not broken hearts
Goodbyes only meant till tomorrow, not forever
The only drama you saw was on tv, not it your own street
The only thing you could cheat at was a game, not at love
Players were for sports, not relationships
The only thing we changed was our clothes, not ourselves

Yet we couldn't wait to grow up.
Now growing up is our biggest fear.

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He crept in the night by my window

So that he might say hello

And wish of me sweet things.

That night I dreamed and slept at ease.

With my covers pulled tight

My toes nicely warm

Then snapped with a jolt

Like the unnatural breaking of a bone

Suddenly awoken from rest

A tingling feeling over my face

My hart freezes

To the crashing and screeching

Of where my window once was

To the shattered remains

Of a brick that barley graze my skull

and opaque glass fragments

That steals my innocence