Do You Remember When...?

Your close friends became strangers
Lollipops turned into cigarettes
The innocent ones turned into sluts
Your homework started to go in the bin
You started using your mobile in class
Detentions became suspensions
Soda became vodka
Underwear turned into thongs
Kisses turned into sex
Remember when getting high meant using the swings in the playground, not doing drugs
When playing with your best friend meant hanging out, not making out
When protection meant wearing a helmet, not a condom
The worst thing you could get from boys were 'cooties', not STI's
When Dads shoulders were the highest place on earth and Mum was your hero, not your enemy
When your worst enemies were your siblings, not the law
When race issues were about who ran the fastest, not what colour skin you had
When War was only a card game, not blowing up innocents
The only drug you knew was cough medicine, not cocaine
The only 'smoke' from your lips was your breath on a cold day, not weed
Wearing a skirt made you a girly girl, not a whore
The only things to hurt you were grazed knees, not broken hearts
Goodbyes only meant till tomorrow, not forever
The only drama you saw was on tv, not it your own street
The only thing you could cheat at was a game, not at love
Players were for sports, not relationships
The only thing we changed was our clothes, not ourselves

Yet we couldn't wait to grow up.
Now growing up is our biggest fear.

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jarrowlad2012's picture

this is epic

I have read quite a bit of your stuff but this is a classic you need to get out there love

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Only just noticed this

Only just noticed this comment! lol
I'm glad you like it... Have you bought my books yet? :P x

Oh Captain, my Captain! ~ W.W