Untitled 004

Untitled Series

I was innocent once, before I
was born...
Now I am guilty of sins and
My wings stayed in the garden
of Eden, salvation revoked...
Now I toke the good herb from
Mother Earth, sometimes I
reach heaven's door and knock...
knock, knock! but no one
answers, "They are probably
still asleep."
I am a crazy diamond shinning
across the sky...
In my past life, I was a Quiche'
Warrior giving praise to the
Plum Serpent-
In this life, I am fighting for
survival, hiding from the
'Tigers that broke free'...
An ocean of sorrow washed
away my home, now it sits on
top of a mountain, made out of
Keep your sticks and stones,
they might brake my house-

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Keep your sticks and stones!

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