Despise me

Sometimes I speak venom, sometimes I am unkind.
Sometimes I betray you, sometimes I am blind.
Sometimes I will beat you, Sometimes I will make you cry.
Sometimes you will hate me, Sometimes I will lie.
By my actions you shall shatter, by my will you shall die.

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If you lived like me,
you'd be like me,
and if you'd be like me,
you'd die like me,
and if you'd die like me,
then you'd be like me,
and then there would be two more evils.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

To my twin.

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Humans what an interesting breed.
We cry when we hurt and we run when we fear.
How often do we stop and think about what we are what we do,
We are all different yet all the same.
When an animal kills it’s the way of nature, but what happens when we kill.
When, what we call a crime is committed.
Then it is call evil, why is that I wonder?
People say there is good and evil.
I think evil is in side us all, waiting to bleed its way out.
But it is only seen when it cannot be controlled.
How do we as humans control evil?
How do we stop our selves from doing what we desire; to hold back the darkness deep within our soul?
Sometimes I feel that our dreams are the reason that the darkness doesn’t take over.
Our creator has given us a window where we can do what we desire out side this window it is evil, unthinkable.
If we all could see into each others dreams our world would crumble.
We would let our judgment consume us.
Now think of some of your dreams, how do you think you would be judge?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a though, found some old notes/ must of been a poem i was trying to write, put this together.

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I the Grim Reaper.


I'm heading to Hell,
Satan requested me.
So I can decide to sell,
But there will be a fee.
He had his eye on me since birth,
But I now have the upper hand.
I am no longer on Earth,
Now we are in the same sand.
I am coming for his throat,
He thinks he can kill me.
“You're mine” I do quote,
This is funny you see.
I am immune to death,
But Satan is not.
He will take a last breath,
His soul and body I'll let rot.
For rule of Earth shall be mine,
I'll not die ever again.
Let me celebrate with blood and wine,
I will finally win.
I will stay alive forever,
The Grim Reaper can't die.
I'll rule until the end of never,
Satan will not be sly.
I the Grim Reaper will kill him,
Satan will lose control of all.
All will be at my whim,
Penetrating through every wall.
I the Grim Reaper.

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Suppressor of the night

Unique Poems

The days just past by as my memories just sink in ; a story of the unforseen ; where do i even begin ? ; cuz after that day the light in my eye just became so ever dim ; after that day i saw another side of this world that was forever more grim ; & seeing evil spread so fast forced something to awaken within ; the embodiment of my soul merging right under my skin ; the suppressor of the night ; a symbol of the fight ; obliterating all evil and resuscitating our might ; dispite the disunited views and the regardfulness of few ; im here to abolish this hatred & convert it into something new ; an unforeseen world but yet I'm ready to see it through ; call me a mysterious fright or even a ruthless shadow ; but even if I fall into the unforeseen ; I will always remain a hero '

Author's Notes/Comments: 

based it on a vigilantes mind set and opinion towards the world but in a simple manner. This is his short message to the people ~

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illuminati Chills ~

Unique Poems

Wen i look in dis mirror I start getting these chills seeing all dis ice on my neck and these Soulless dollar bills // I had to spill in order to make a deal but it was all worth gettin dat record deal // who knew I had to sign just to get signed and at dat moment I didn't sign // I didn't rethink // I ain't even blink // I just cried out ink // and watched it sink right into the paper before I could even blink // I couldn't regret the fact that I couldn't regret // I jus had to forget the fact that I could regret // it was like a threat I build inside my mindset // in order to protect so I wont turn suspect // but at da time I didn't care about the intellects // all I cared about was the money dat was in effect // to get sucked into a dream in order live my dream // a nightmare so scary it isn't as what it seems // evil that appears as good // something so misunderstood // I can't explain wats inside of me // u may just know it as illuminati...


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I knew a mannish boy named Grit
who liked to drive his motorcycle.
There wasn't much he cared to do,
but riding always felt so fine.
He knew the girls were watching him;
he didn't stop to question why.
All Grit knew was he had it easy,
and he wanted the easy to stay.

Grit would light a fire for his friends
and stay and keep them company.
He'd tell a joke with tones of voice
that felt like mirrors and prism glass.
He always would agree with you
and step down quick to raising voice.
He also had a slithered way
of slipping hands into a pocket.

For many days Grit may be a friend
until a perk may catch his drift.
And then he may step down or back
atop your head or below your skirt.
At times his grip will belie the waist
even if the time's not right;
given to the time and place,
Grit would migrate to higher ground.

Eventually, one no longer knows Grit.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some times people are just bad.

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become an evil

we say evil but

who is evil

who you suppose to be evil

a demon

a animal

or a soulless person

everyone have their different to express

this single word

my way to say evil to someone

don't know why you become an evil

to listen anyone

you make that decision

at that leave us alone

say that you not go wrong

but what happen to see that power

i can see greed in your eyes

greed of power

what happen to that person

who once struggle for climb up

one day, one night

change you so fast

that make you evilso fast so that

you hurt your friend so fast

you make an evil because

you untruth with us

you get that water of greed

that never be decrease

face us so badly

when we try make up your mind

you always change our mind

my way to say you become an evil


what in your word mean that

you become an evil

Author's Notes/Comments: 

my thoughts for evil and i raise some questions in this poem too

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'06 0h Six 0h Six Pt.1

"This scarce day arrives; His evil is born to this world
Distorted adrenaline will dispose of the young and old
'Selected revolting beings' will be put to death properly
Oh how cathartic to see humans bursting and suffering
Those women shall burn alive as men watch satisfyingly
Those worthless women; pathetic men follow unknowingly
Little did they know how useless they sure really are
And now for this exceptional day, they all went too far
How lava flows out the veins of men melting inside out
How the screams of the women excite him all throughout
Ashes of women and siblings, surfing the lovely atmosphere
Body parts of all heartless men can all be seen, right here
Watching with any absolute soul left as men slowly perish
To think that he at one point, they, he once would cherish
But, oh what a pleasurable moment for David...seriously
No one to look, stare, and laugh at him, only to demean
Through authentic screams, his mental divinity remains fallible
The pathological silence appeared sufficient, yet, not all final..."
The Adversary spoke...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Yes, my mind tends to go to far showing of its fictive attributes. I apologize. Hmm...

Such an evil perception of or for those people that picked on you till there was nothing left. Like damned vultures just waiting for you to die.

Who IS The Adversary and how did it know my name? He speaks of kind suffering? "Kindly have them suffer and their children for what they did and to others. Pity."

Adrenaline makes you do the most phenomenal things. Well, it was decades ago and the imagination still lurks about... Oh Creativity...live a little!

"But, there was always somebody following me...as if I was being watched or...even monitored."

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