Verse 1:
When the darkness
Of the past
Overwhelms you,
Know that there
Is a light hid,
Hidden within
Your heart.


That light
In your heart –
Will you choose
To ignore it?
Or will you
Continually shut
The world in?


The pages have turned.
A new story’s ending
Will be written.
Is your story
Written there?
(Written there)


Shutting the world in,
You lose yourself,
Lose yourself in the dark.
Trapped within
Memories of the past,
You have chosen
Your ending.


The stories ending:
Morality speaks.
A spark appears.


With this pen,
You write,
Write a new ending.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song in a series titled: "For a Friend" , which is a series of songs at various stages of life dedicated to a friend of mine.

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I the Grim Reaper.


I'm heading to Hell,
Satan requested me.
So I can decide to sell,
But there will be a fee.
He had his eye on me since birth,
But I now have the upper hand.
I am no longer on Earth,
Now we are in the same sand.
I am coming for his throat,
He thinks he can kill me.
“You're mine” I do quote,
This is funny you see.
I am immune to death,
But Satan is not.
He will take a last breath,
His soul and body I'll let rot.
For rule of Earth shall be mine,
I'll not die ever again.
Let me celebrate with blood and wine,
I will finally win.
I will stay alive forever,
The Grim Reaper can't die.
I'll rule until the end of never,
Satan will not be sly.
I the Grim Reaper will kill him,
Satan will lose control of all.
All will be at my whim,
Penetrating through every wall.
I the Grim Reaper.

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Internal Struggles

why is it that i feel dis way -- dis emotion of black & grey -- negative thunder is in my brian -- a storm of darkness comes my way -- i cant control wat i see -- my eyes are jus laughing at me -- my ears are speaking in demonic wayz -- but why is it that im not afraid -- my mouth alwayz crys blood -- that drips down & forms a flood -- my nose likes da taste a bit -- but my hearts had enough of it -- so i sit there as it gets dim -- dats wen i start to see da grim -- as he gets closer i get dis feeling -- in my body my soul starts beating -- my nerves start screaming -- my tongue starts feeding -- & my hands start dealing -- da contract is siqned its already to late -- time went so fast i guess it was fate -- in return he takes out dis key -- in my chest he stabs me -- flashbacks goes thru my eyes -- & in my heart i see da lies -- throughout my body it starts to feed -- next thing I kno its part of me -- i now realize i feel alive -- as all da good slowly leaves -- i no longer feel like a human being -- why is it that this had to happen -- i guess its becuz i let life take action -- It came at me hard and took all my love -- but now my heart is strong enough -- filled with only one single thought -- & its funny becuz its all lifes fault -- but i thanx her for teaching me -- cuz ina way she set me free -- so now with my rebirth im on my way -- & if ur reading this u should pry -- cuz wen I see her i wont say hi -- my hearts one single thought is to murder life ~

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