Time & Dreams

Just For Fun

A realm which holds space, matter, life
A giant force that controls everything
The death of nations
The birth of children
The ageing and growing of life
The erosion of the earth
The degradation of society
The reaper of souls
And the house of love, life, youth, and happiness

The only thing that time cannot touch, is dreams
Dreams are time in no time at all
In a dream you can live a lifetime, to wake in 10 minutes
Or live just a moment, to wake up years later
Dreams are emotions
They are desires
They are our will manifested as we want it to be
They are when we play God
They are windows to timelessness
Dreams are where we see the past
Where we clarify the present
And even, where we glimpse the future
Gateways to eternity
Mirrors of our psyches
Doorway to the world

Sweet Dreams

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Reap By The Reaper

A man stalked by death.
Here he sits; in an old rocking chair with death very near.
This man has no fear, for he has been on the battle field for years.
Death is now like a lost friend that comes and goes now and then.
Nothing left to enjoy in this life; confined to a chair, struggling for every breath of air.
He asks for the horseman to come to set him free.
Why does the horse man hesitate to deliver, this man surely cannot live forever?
Maybe death is sometimes earned and you cannot wash your hands, for some of the things you do when you are a man.

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not sure what this is :)

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I the Grim Reaper.


I'm heading to Hell,
Satan requested me.
So I can decide to sell,
But there will be a fee.
He had his eye on me since birth,
But I now have the upper hand.
I am no longer on Earth,
Now we are in the same sand.
I am coming for his throat,
He thinks he can kill me.
“You're mine” I do quote,
This is funny you see.
I am immune to death,
But Satan is not.
He will take a last breath,
His soul and body I'll let rot.
For rule of Earth shall be mine,
I'll not die ever again.
Let me celebrate with blood and wine,
I will finally win.
I will stay alive forever,
The Grim Reaper can't die.
I'll rule until the end of never,
Satan will not be sly.
I the Grim Reaper will kill him,
Satan will lose control of all.
All will be at my whim,
Penetrating through every wall.
I the Grim Reaper.

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Death "Coming"

Volume One



Death 'Coming'”



Can you hear the reaper knocking

Can you feel the reaper stalking

you can't run from him

the lights begin to dim

Why not just stop, drop to your knees

and beg for your soul,

it won't matter

for the fact that you now belong,

you now belong to hell

and he will bribe and sell

your soul.. knowing that your last

chance to hear, could be the bells


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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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