*The Fight (2)*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


I wish I was stronger

But no matter how hard I try

My wishlist not to igsist just gets longer

More and more I'm left alone to cry

In the late hours of the night 


Deep inside no one sees the pain

That I try so hard to fight

The only way to go on is to fill my eyes

With these salty tears

But all I really gain

A blurred vision when I look to the light


Can God not see

I'm so tired and sick of feeling so alone

I guess not because he just lets me be 

And eachday my heart becomes more hollow inside

It becomes all stone


This path of pain I am meant to follow 

From it I can not hide

And deeper I go into this evil shadow

Because no man shows they care

I just do not want to feel anymore

I have no strength to fight

The demons that drag me to the floor 

The pain and hurt inside my heart

They try to store 


It's trying so hard to make me die

And some days I wish I would 

I no longer want to try

Yes I know I still should 

But everyday a piece of me disappears

And is gone forever 

I try to scream out"help" to someone 

But it seems like no one hears

And the light is fading from the sun

This evil has put a spell on peoples ears


No one hears my helping plea

This evil has made people blind

So no one can see me 

Try to fight as I try to find 

A way to stop these wounds

So they no longer bleed

But the evil trys so hard

To make me fail

On my pain he loves to feed

I am becoming too weak to go on 

But no one will help with the fight 

So I should just give up and die 

Just disappear fade out sight

As I sit alone and powerless as I cry


As my soul drifts away

From my body it once knew

No longer fighting another day

My days are bitter darkness

No longer a happy clear blue sky

My lifes such a mess


I gave up I try no longer to live

This evil my soul I give

I just sit here in emptiness

I wait to die

I sit and watch my life pass me 

As I hear my last word spoken

It's loud and clear

I'm not in any fear

I'm fine as I can be 

To say my good-bye

The evil keeps my pain as a token

The tear I cry

My heart is so broken

And I no longer know the word

Or the meaning of the fight 

I don't even try

To keep my soul in my sight



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Hell and Similiar Situations - Short Poems I-iV

The Infernal Loop

Repetitve you are

Unchanging in cause

A voyage devoid of end

Continuous you are

Complacent in charge

A path removed of steps

Expedient you are

Contemptuous you mar

The hope that springs eternal

And when your purpose begins to be known

The loop returns infernal

The Raft of the Medussa


Alas, Adrift at sea

Hither and yon betwixt between

The Good, The Evil, the vile, indeed

The voyage of souls so damned to be

I cast mine eyes to the Heavens to say

"Oh why, My Lord to be this way?"

As my soul departs the cry I send

"The wicked deserves a raft

No end"

Oh, Pretty bird

Oh, pretty bird

"Why hast thou smile left thy beak?"

Oh, silly bird

"What height attained dost thy think thy'd reach?"

Oh, stupid bird

"Dost not this cage enhance thy view?"

Oh, filthy bird

"Doth not reject thine mirror in you"

Tin Man

HEAR ME NOW the Tin Man spoke

A battle of attrition is waged

Countless few hang in the balance

FOR I AM GOD with no remorse

All sinners must attest

And at my grave with baited breath

I gasp the words of detest

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Speak the Word

Speak the Word

Hope is a power,

An evil Devour.

Love is a song,

Steady and long.

Peace is a bird,

A flock above the herd.

Yet these Words will diminish,

Unless we do not Cower,

Unless we sound the Gong,

Unless we Speak the Word.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sorry it was short. I made that one awhile ago and it really touched my heart.

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The Coming


The world set in darkness

The coming evil slithers round

Vulnerability swells to bid

Destruction boldly sounds


No moon to light the lane

A path lay unguided

Anxiety breathing heavy

Force our strengths; united


A deathly hunger thrives

Consuming where it treads

Leaving only trampled meat

Blood like fire spreads


A wickedness so thirsty

Here to only take

Teeth bared yet grinning

There is no escape









Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Three

These curses I evoke are the

words spoken by angels,

toking knowledge and wisdom,

an invitation to eat from the

tree of life...become a God; the

difference between a schizo and

I, a schizo does not believe I

am God-


I cannot pray, the tongues I

speak are not angelic...my

language is unholy; time after

time temptation became a friend

too trust, my life balances on
different scales now; what I

knew and the unknown-


The end of my journey began

the day I was born...invocations

of death at my front door, I

welcome her in, stays for awhile

then leaves in an uproar; she
says I am conspiring to kill
her from my existence...she does

not know death/her is more alive

than me-

My curse is poetic, too narrate my

life with pain and roller-coaster

emotions; an empty feeling without

being empty...became a father only

too miss my daughter daily, if I sleep
tonight I will shed tears of sadness

before I slumber-


Broken, yet stronger after each fall

too stand tall again, take a few steps

and fall again...judges keep your jury
silent, throw away your verdict;

judge my soul, critic my efforts when

I am standing up...everyone falls!


Outside my window the wind blows

and whistles, tree leaves rattle,

whispering; no vacancy in the

gallows, fire away...my ammunition

are these words I convey, "While
you creep, your soulmate sleeps

with the poet unknown, daydreaming
unknown dreams, consciously lost in



Soulkritic® 2014©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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Curses Too Kritic/ Invocations From The Soul- Part Two

Psalms sung with faith;
curses from the Father, the
Son, and the Holy Ghost;
rejoicing under the influence...

Nestled, numbed atop
heavenly clouds; two crazy
diamonds in the sky without
shine; rough edges can be
smooth again if both believe
they will shine again as one...


Clarifying the darkness both
entertain in the name of the
wicked that pace back and
forth outside the window of
time and space created by a
simple wish...


Invocations to God's shadow;
puppets to an addiction,
masters of enjoyed silence
listening to the symphony of


I the Lizard Prince and my
Black Sheep traveling in the
dark under the sunlight too
steal our dreams back from
the sandman we both entered
in the years of our youth and
ignorant ways...


No King too hail; howling
under the moonlight, a lustful
night with love making in
between the stars, invoking
peace and harmony, with
conversations from the heart
bringing positive vibes and


Alas, together we stand on
this mountain top, with hills
and more mountains too the
horizon; life does not come
without challenges, and
challenges do not arise
without taking the risk to fall
in love again...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Curses and Invocations....

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Evil Lawyer

When it came to being a decent Human Being, you blew it.

You defended an evil man who was guilty and you knew it.

You knew he's a murderer but you still defended him.

He murdered a pregnant woman, that was very grim.

He admitted to you that he was guilty but you didn't and still don't care.

He killed both a woman and her unborn baby, you're living proof that life is unfair.

You're a lousy attorney and a lousy Human Being as well.

You're an evil woman and because of that, you'll go to Hell.

It should devastate you to know that because of you, criminals go free.

You should be disbarred and I think that other decent people will agree.

What goes around comes around, that's something you can bet your life on.

When you die, no people will be by your side, they'll be glad that you're gone.

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Hell of a World



Living in a world of cries

Strung with death, abuse, and lies


Peace is damned a myth

Along with sanity and grace

Corrupted yet alienated

In this vile place


Where guns are standard

Prostitution and drugs too

Where abandonment is legal

And the innocent are accused


Our children are forgotten

They’re misguided and lost

Parents no longer helpful

No worries, no cost


In this pathetic world

The greedy people shine

Constant repulsive destruction

Of everything divine


This earth is plummeting

A single dark tear

Waiting for Hell

But it’s already here.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The world deserves justice, not anachary. 

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Mindless Puppets

It's a feeling thats overwhelming

Overloading my senses with dark power

Saturating my thoughts with corrupting influences

My mind does not darken but instead turns to light

I am reawakened

I can feel it's presents within me

Taking no form it consumes me from within to survive

Leaching off the hatred it has spawned inside me

Intertwining itself to my blood it has no limitations

Control is replaced with pleasure

The actions I take are not my own

This infection has become my cure

To the mundane life I once had 

It was nothing but a thorn I wished to rip from my mind

Everything I touch now dies 

Ingesting it's life force to sustain my decaying body

I only fear losing my symbiotic bond

Knowing that I need this evil and it does not need me

I'm am a willing victim to this sinister entity

Bound by blood I exist only within my own SCHELL



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A formless evil consumes the mind of a willing victim

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