I the Grim Reaper.


I'm heading to Hell,
Satan requested me.
So I can decide to sell,
But there will be a fee.
He had his eye on me since birth,
But I now have the upper hand.
I am no longer on Earth,
Now we are in the same sand.
I am coming for his throat,
He thinks he can kill me.
“You're mine” I do quote,
This is funny you see.
I am immune to death,
But Satan is not.
He will take a last breath,
His soul and body I'll let rot.
For rule of Earth shall be mine,
I'll not die ever again.
Let me celebrate with blood and wine,
I will finally win.
I will stay alive forever,
The Grim Reaper can't die.
I'll rule until the end of never,
Satan will not be sly.
I the Grim Reaper will kill him,
Satan will lose control of all.
All will be at my whim,
Penetrating through every wall.
I the Grim Reaper.

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you are deth but ironicly

you are deth but ironicly your poem has so much life. i didn't know satan can die thats good to know if you need help call me we'll make him wish there was hell for satan's.

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thanks a lot I feel like all

thanks a lot I feel like all my poems suck cuz like other people are just amazing writers but yeah the life in my poem is just my death coming out into words and forming and technicallt there isnt Satan's its one single Satan he is a demon so itd be a Hell for Demons which is technically just Hell but thanks good to know Illl keep that in mind

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A great write, i have one with some of the same toughts , Live vs death, i had a heart attack at the age of 2 months old and another at 18years old. so i have a few poems about death.
You are great and I enjoy your style very much, keep penning .
610 out

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You are very gifted. I bow to

You are very gifted. I bow to the Divinity within you... and humbly request you consider
changing your user ID