Wink and a Smile

Your eyes embody the truth-
As your words are naught.
Screaming out are your pupils
Periwinkle in hue. Multiple dimensions.
Cradle your tears
Sweet wallowing trail down-
Surround the mouth that deceives;
Dissolve and disappear into your soft fibbing lips.

Imagination of the spectacular 
As thy tales evolve.
Doth not feel pity?
Mayhap not!
But your eyes mirror your soul.
The eyes-
For your eyes strung my heart strings.
Blinded me and guided me-
To a cesspool of deception.

Your eyes, my love.
Are the reasons for my adoration.
Possess the innocence-that might be
As your fiction is merely a representation of your jaded thoughts and broken swears.
You hide behind these curtains-
But fall to the ground.
Just look at what you've become.
Me, a victim of your defective love.

Golden engraved lashes.
Cursive lullabies spiral around each stem-
Complement your pearl-like cornea.
Hold your powder blue iris-
Your cloudy crystals-
Infused with majestic peaks and meadows.
The pupil-
Blackened and sees all.
Express novels of nonfiction.
Blink without suspicion.
For the truth is the only language known.

Please don't speak-
Thy eyes tell it all. 
They adorn yet warn-
As your voice destroys. 
A babbling brook of devastation
Synthetic waves crash into my burgundy vital muscle-
Beating as your words twist thorns-penetrate- 
And sparkle won't my naive DNA.
Cold- red cells glaze to grey- Shriveled and stricken to dots.
1,2,3,4,5- alive no longer my amour.
For they have won.
An empty case- hypnotized by two black eyes.
Mislead by words of deceit. 

Tension grows.
Just think of my feelings-
Before you mutter once more.
Aware of your tricks.
Still you're the one I'll always pick-
As your lies dig daggers into my spine.
For as long as your eyes exist- you're the one I'll miss.
Never to be deceived by your eyes.

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Her Pandora's box

My dark angel

muse of tragedy,

sweet siren songstress

demoness of calamity...


Is it truly you

or your youth

and moonlit beauty

that I am drawn to?


Is it often true

you whisper sweet lies?

beckoning and deceiving me

wearing brilliant disguise...


Seek storm elsewhere

ending paradox,

surely taking with you

your Pandora's box...

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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City of Dreams

Light and Dark

Welcome to the City of Dreams

All full of nightmares, daydreams, and schemes

Whatever you dream; it’s a wonderful theme

Whenever you want; you’re always the king


Lie down and sleep your pain away

Forget your past, forget the day

Here the only toil is play

It’s easy to come here, there’s many a way


Become the hero you wanted to be

Without actually being what you see

In this world only, can you be free

Stay with us, is our only plea


Be rich, be naughty

Be powerful, be haughty

Live in this dream, decaying body

No one will care if you’re a bit dotty


It’ll be too late, when you finally know

You’re not in control; was only a show

So just sit back, and go with the flow

While we take you to an all-time low


Down the rabbit hole

                Into the earth

                       Shadows will blind you

                                Now what was this worth?

                                                           Life is so fleeting

                                                                  Death is now eating

                                                                                    Living and dying

                                                                                             Laughing while crying



Fall into madness

    Can’t tell the difference

Between night and day

               Between real and fake

Between right and wrong

                       Between sky and cake

There is no difference

                                       Only existence

Nothing to do



But dream




The City of Dreams…


Welcome to The City of Dreams…”

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What do you think will happen now?

what do you think will happen?
you lie to the ONE person you know you shouldn't
you say you love him and you don't
you see other men while you are "with" him
you continue your pursuit of your once secret relationships
relationships where deceit and lies are the foundation
relationships that think they are special to you

it didn't work for us
it won't work for someone else
you need to stop and take some time to yourself
and think about what will happen

you can't protect the feelings of those you care about
you can't use lies to heal
the truth eats away at you
and if you don't stop telling lies, it will consume you completely
and you will look back and see there is nothing for you
what do you think will happen?

it isn't true that not getting caught is things "working themselves out"
it isn't true to lead someone on, that they will be happy with that
it isn't true to sacrifice dignity for no ones sake is helpful to anyone in any way

what do you think will happen?
take the wheel and stop rolling dice
think about how it hurts them in the long run
think about being really nice
if you lie too much, you'll end up believing them too
isn't it a painful confusion to keep the stories straight?
how love for you turns into fear and hate?

try a walk without a report or an audience
try to have a dream and ask yourself what it means
try to listen when someone trusts you and shares with you
try to be honest even though no one really wants the truth
try to think about what it's like to be someone else
try, with the rest of us, to make Earth less of a living hell

what do you think will happen?
do you think you are invisible?
do you think everyone will swallow your pill?
do you think you've finally got your fill,
or do you have a lot more to dole?

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Behind The Veil Of Deception

Volume Three

Behind The Veil Of Deception

Standing alone in the rain.
This life becomes a testimony to all the pain,
how much you can take, before you break.

Ghosts whispering in your head, they all scream your name.
The violence buried in your heart, wishing you were dead.
As the quicksand of lies, snares your mind
War in the name of peace, until everything dies.
Strap on your halo one more time,
guide me to the field, as I am running out of time.

Waking up another day, the same drums beating
I am tired, lost in an endless cycle.
Caged in a cruel reality, the irony of life
a wasted potential, drowning in vice.

And another bomb drops on the crippled,
Zombies; the death toll just tripled.
The empire of lies needs to be toppled
brain dead, spoon fed, lies saturate your head.

Beware the lady in white, came to take you towards the light
Ignore the distractions, that feed your obsessions
kill everything you love, then pray to your god above.
Hypocrisy it's in our blood.

There is a war for your mind,
conquest to leave your humanity behind
sheep lead to slaughter, should you even be bothered.
A prisoner to your own home,
the stunning realization, to the illusion, you are alone.

Hate has destroyed so much beauty,
In life that it can become hard to see
past your own pain and suffering.
Noble deeds, and good intentions
paves the road to mans worst inventions

Hate has destroyed so much beauty,
In this illusion of freedom and safety.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I will use this new poem to write some current events... Recently I've been struck with some sever writers block and havent been able to produce anything publish worthy. So I've sorta just been lurking in the shadows and doing a lot of thinking, and I've been coming to the same empass for awhile now and that is I've been thinking of taking a long break from my writing and trying to focus on another path of creativity... I still plan on finishing my current books in progress, but anything else like new books I think this is where I put my finishing touches on all of my masterpieces...

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all the things i hoped to be
shattered deep inside of me
with twists and turns my dreams fell
but i could not be freed

so i turned to follow you
but when i did you fell from view
and like the rabbit in the hole
you were gone before i knew

but this is not a wonderland
my quest for you got out of hand
and though i do not wish it so
i'll end what you began

because I am the queen of hearts
but you'll no longer play the part
of the king that i once loved
i'll make another start ~

deal me in.

© Debbie Finlay

08-13-10 dhf.

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The Scientist

The Scientist

As they go wandering off
Feeling a step above the rest
Thinking of how much good
Their theories and philosophies
Might do to the world
They go off inventing
And dreaming
Of how their intellect might change the world
But right they are in their thinking

They go off learning and making
Trying to place themselves as masters
Of what is already the master of them

They go off building and creating
Bringing new guns and weapons
To try to bring peace by adding more destruction

They go off thinking and yearning
Of how to save a dying world
Which they infected with their own man made disease

They go off experimenting and theorizing
Trying to define the universe
That was already defined long before their time

They go off storming and raging
About how they are right
Because the theories they made tell them so

Oh yes what wonderful things they have done
Causing the Earth to rot under the sun

Oh yes what marvelous things they have done
Spreading disease amongst everyone

Oh what amazing things they accomplish
Making the world fall for their rubbish

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Travis Whitacre Sun 12/4/2011 10:59 PM

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Brave Face

Brave Face

see me now,
Look at my brave face
I can be a charmer
Saying such nice things
Meant to disarm you
See me
I can be a liar
Saying the things
The real me cannot say
See my brave face
So patient and understanding
Hides the real me
I can be so unforgiving
Because I see now
I am not worthy
I am though
I am worthy of forgetting

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Angel Eyes

You say your love for me vanished like the fog.
And that like the fog, your love will return.
Will my love return too?
My love has perished like the aspirations of the lifeless.

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