Hateful words like sharp knives,

scratching away at the surface.

Disdainful eyes to my surprise,

Claiming I have no purpose.

My skin has hardened,

so has my poor soul.

My once optimistic mind,

Is now as black as coal.

Sticks and stones may break bones,

But words will surely hurt me.

Desperate to impress others,

show them how cold you can be.

Ugly, Stupid, Bitch, and Fatty

were many of my names.

Seeing who could make me cry,

was their favorite game.

But that solemn little girl,

Who used to shrink away in fear.

Has long since died from tears she cried,

That child is no longer here.

Say what you have to say,

try your best to get beneath my skin.

I will remain unaffected,

so let your games begin.

I will no longer try to hide,

To try to avoid the things you say.

For all those people who targeted me,

They will surely pay.

They expected me to crumble and fall,

to be crushed by simple words,

Understand my weakness is gone,

I am no longer that quiet nerd.

I am stronger than I was back then,

I am way stronger than my youth.

So keep on spraying hateful words,

My skin is bulletproof.

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Remember that autistic kid?

You remember, the one who you

Jabbed, kicked, stabbed, pricked, whipped, tripped, gagged and kicked?

You remember


Later that day, you thought,

You thought high

You thought REALLY high


You thought so high

You touched the sky

And saw his eyes

Then wondered why

To sink's to fly

To fly's to die

And realize

That you've defied

What your parents tried 

To teach you!


He may have killed himself, 

But you certainly helped.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

A Poem about bullying, only occasionally rhymes.

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broken beyond repair

broken needing help

i faint i fall

crying, dieing

heart snatched Ripped from my body

u dont tell me sooner than what you did

you lied to me i forgave you you begged me not to leave you

i stayed all for what you to leave me

i stood by you i wanted to stay by you forever

You begged me to stay with you forever..

this wa only 2 days ago ... feelings fades within 2 days

and you break up with me .. with no second chance

i gave u chances ...

you cant give me another

i can change who i am ...

i wouldnt of cared what people thought

but that times gone

my chances gone

your gone

myself im alone frustrated

hurt suffering

this inferier pain

and yet im broken beyound repair

Author's Notes/Comments: 

broken :'(

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To this day

To this day the world is a mess

Full of greed and people being opressed

To this day we are not free

We fight wars and spread hate and calamites


How after so many years
Can race still be an issue

Racism is a mindset not a and shouldn't influence me and you

If you choose to hate a person cause of their colour

thats your fault

Cause all i see is a person with a good heart


That heart beats the same as you

So why do you always sperate the two

To this day we shun those that are different

Wither it be religon , sexuality or even their opinion


We are not all that different
For one simple rule
We are all human through and through

We need to start seeing that cause it's true


To this day we all see lines
Lines that sperate and divide

But hopefully one day will come

When we can say

We are all humans not just some

Everyone's alike - Amanda Todd Story -

Every single day I hate the fact that I'm alive
I just want someone to be there and hold me when I cry
I feel like an outcast I can sympathize Rosa parks
Being beaten up and left in the ditch to die in the dark
I cry myself to sleep after suicide attempts
To me life is a burden something I want exempt
What is so different between me and you
Sure I made mistakes but that what humans do
No one reached out their hand when I needed their help
All they could ever do was think about themselves
They say don't judge a book by its cover and that is true
It just happens to be that my cover is of me nude
Don't let my death be in vain I'm spreading a message
I'm trying to change society, being a friend is the lesson
In the end of the day we're all still the same
Reflect on your actions and next time use your brain

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My condolences to the families that have lost someone due to bullying. The Amanda Todd story touched me because she tried so hard to fit in and not because she was pretty or talented... The more that she tried, the more they rejected her and more cruel towards her. She made a stupid mistake and I'm sure she regretted it... Its just sad seeing how hard she tried only to take her own life... Its even worse to see that most people say that its a shame because she is pretty or a talented singer... I think to myself would people care less if Amanda Todd wasn't pretty? It gives me little faith in society that even when people die, they only judge by looks.

- Amanda's Story -

This girl, her name is Amanda Todd.
She posted a video on YouTube a few days ago.
She was bullied so bad it led to suicide...

She was in a webcam chat group to meet up with new and old people.
They started calling her Beautiful, Stunning, cute, Etc.
And then they asked her to flash...
So she did.....
Thinking it was nothing...
A year went by and some guy she did not know, messaged her saying ”Give me a 'show' or I will send your boobs.”
She ignored it.....
Christmas Break came and a knock came on her door at 4 AM.
It was the police...
That person sent the picture to EVERYONE.
Everyone judged her.
Bullied her.
She ended up switching schools.
That person found out her school, friends, address once again and sent them there too.
She had no one.
Everyone hated her.
She ended up switching towns.
Then at this new school....She met this boy who she thought liked her.
He didn't....he had a girlfriend.
One day she got a note saying you better leave school.
She didn't.
A group of boys and girls including that boy, the girlfriend and more came up to her while the school surrounded her.
The girl said “Look around, No one likes you.”
One kid from the group said “JUST PUNCH HER ALREADY!” So she did, and Amanda got beat really bad.
And got left.
And her dad ended up finding her in a ditch hours later.
She went home and drank bleach, to try to kill herself.
It didn't work.
The next day all over her Facebook page was written
“Drink some more bleach",
"No one cares",
"I hope she dies, "No one would cry", "Everyone hates you", "Amanda try it again we dare you"…and so much more.
She cried every night. Why did everyone hate her.
One mistake.
She started cutting so much and did drugs,and drank alcohal.
She ended up trying to kill herself again.
She failed.
She couldnt take it anymore.
At the end of the video it said ”I am Amanda Todd. I just need someone.” October 10th she hung herself.
She is dead. Rest in paradise, Amanda. You're beautiful. I will find a way to help stop bullying. I will share your story.
Heaven gained an angel. xo.

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His Final Revenge

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

He who lives below the sun
Knows nothing but himself
To he who knows but anyone
He suffers from your health

He who cannot hear or see
Lives to speak a final word
His final word that speaks to thee
To thee who only overheard

The rock that kicks the person's feet
The sun that sings the heavy tones
A life of crime he soon shall meet
His life will fall just like the stones

The crows that have blood ready eyes
The pathway seems so clear from now
And grey clouds formed into the skies
Hearing screams of why and how

The pinnacle of easy that sits and laughs
The pinstripe suit that mocks his worth
No tears been cried on his behalf
The fat cats full with men of earth

The shadows filled with his demise
Where the chew toy of a man doth lie
His eyes fill with our despise
With knife in hand his freedom die

The rain pours on a solemn face
His final revenge remains so sweet
To disappear without a trace
A victim walks beneath his feet

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another Co-write with Colt http://www.postpoems.org/authors/colt

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Stop It

Stop it

Stop it don’t ruin our fun
Stop this nonsense little one
Stop it don’t act like that
Stop this annoyance you have begun
Stop it right now, because you’re no fun

Stop it don’t tell no one
Stop that kid, he’s on the run
Stop it don’t be like this
Stop that stupidness he has begun
Stop it right now, or face our one

Stop it don’t share your thoughts
Stop him, his lies now spread
Stop it don’t campaign like this
Stop his revolution, it has now begun
Stop it right now, because your thoughts are dumb

Author's Notes/Comments: 

©Travis Whitacre Tue 1/31/2012 9:05 PM

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A Walk To School

First punch.
Foot crunch.
Hand hit.
Mouth spit.
Eye swells.
Can’t see.
Let him be.
Rips his homework.
Steals his money.
Grabs his lunch.
Thinks it’s funny. He won’t tell, he swears he won’t.
Please don’t do that. I said “Don’t!”
Sticks and stones may break my bones …
… But names can really hurt.
Through the doors.
Up the stairs.
Face is bloody.
No one cares.

In the washroom.
Clean up the mess.
He’ll be safe
Until … recess.

original poem by: Katie Menzies

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Her Eternal Clock


Look alive
Dead inside
As messages flow
And her heart blows
She'll do some drugs
And chug till drunk
Get roughed up
While everybody just shrugs
Texts come and go
And numbers are blocked
Her hands are locked
Tears won't stop
Won't turn to her best friend
About the problem
Instead, she turns to the blade in hand
Can't rein it in
Can't turn the internet off
Can't throw her phone in the river
That would tip her parents off
And one day, she cuts too deep
The crimson flows
Like her wrist is just so steep
It won't stop
But…what about her little sister?
How many nightmares will she spend?
When she finds out her older sister
Decided that life needs to end
What about her parents…?
How will they perceive
That their oldest child is dead
Her diploma she will never receive
And what about her friends…?
Why couldn’t they tell she'd been pretending to be fine?
They'd never bothered to even ask
But they should have been her shoulder to cry on
She cries and sobs
Much more than before
Life or Death?
At this, she is torn
Time is running out quick
Her eternal clock
Coming upon its last tick
And now…its stopped