You know you could do something

You could at least try to stop it

That kid never did anything

Nothing to be treated like this


You know you could stand up, be his defense

Rescue him when he’s surrounded and scared

Yet you stand by, do nothing, it doesn’t make sense

With the people around you, these actions are shared


You see him pushed in the halls, alone everyday

Would it hurt to pick up his books, become his friend?

You could be nice to him because anything you say

Would help him, with the friendliness you send


You know you could speak out

You could tell a teacher, a parent, anyone

One word and they would stop what’s wrong

Yet your mouth stays shut, thinking it’ll soon be done

But it goes on, and your “soon” becomes quite long


You could have done anything to help the guy

You could’ve stopped him from touching the knife

But just like everyone else, you stood by

And suddenly he chose to end his life


You could have stopped it, anyone could

He needed a friend, a spot anyone could fill

You knew you could do it, knew you should

But you stood by, thinking someone else will


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No matter how hard the boy tried

The other children didn’t seem to accept Tim

After school, he went home and cried

Because the other children made fun of him

As he grew up, it all became worse

Fists to his face, tape on his glasses

He prayed for the end of his curse

Prayed for his safety between classes

But they didn’t stop, he kept on crying

Pushes in the halls, books to the ground

They crowded around him, their fists flying

Beat until he didn’t make a sound

He came to and went home

Said he couldn’t take it anymore

Why did he deserve to be all alone?

He opened the bottle and began to pour

The white pills that would help him die

First in his hand, then down his throat

No hope, no regret, he didn’t even cry

After all, who did he have to keep him afloat?

One person is all he needed, one friend

But no one spoke up; they just stood to the side

One person could have prevented his end

A person who could have at least tried



Author's Notes/Comments: 

If only people would just speak out.

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